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We’re working on wrapping up search subscription settings and all the final consumer email templates right now for 3.0. For the life of me, I don’t see why anyone is going to want to mess with these templates too much. But folks will… we know that.

This is not a humblebrag. In researching this we’ve seen so many absolutely shocking email templates that started okay-ish then agents have shot themselves in the foot by (to borrow a journalistic term) burying the lede. You need the consumer relevant information at the top not buried under info that’s repeated in every email that pushes the good stuff down the screen.

You want people to read these every time they get them as much as possible, so please for the love of all that’s good in the world don’t put crap above what the people are actually interested in… the relevant listing and market information.

You’ll be able to customize these subscription update emails the top content area of these email as much as emails can be reliably customized.

They have been designed to get people back to your site, and not as a daily reminder of how wonderful an agent is at their job. It’s not about the agent at this point.

Engagement has to be your number one priority. Bringing people back to your website has to be your number one priority. You build consumers’ trust in you and your website by providing the best information, quality tools, by getting out the way, and at the right time for the consumer, giving the best relevant advice and expert help when asked. This equals deals… telling people how great you are or providing redundant information on your website or in a recurring search email does not, it just confirms stereotypes. Less is more.

– Scott