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When we started thinking about the next version of Showcase IDX, we began by asking a simple question: How do people really search for a home?

We looked at history to see how people found and bought homes, both before and after the advent of online real estate search. We studied patterns to find out what people want and discovered a number of important trends: Most of the time, people aren’t searching by themselves. They need tools to organize their search. They don’t want to talk to an agent too early in the process. And they need an easy way to get professional help at the right time.

We used that knowledge to create a brand-new way of searching for homes that meets these needs, and we’re proud to announce its release…

On May 30, 2017, we’re launching Showcase IDX 3.0.

Showcase IDX 3.0 is built for consumers, for agents, and for teams. It offers a familiar but powerful search, social searching, and never-before-seen tools that allow consumers to work with their family, friends, and realtor to organize, communicate and find their next home on desktop and mobile.

This new version allows agents to help curate the consumer experience through listing and search recommendations, while getting insight into the consumer’s search behavior — all without sacrificing consumer privacy.

Our goal is to build trust and engage consumers quickly. Showcase IDX 3.0 allows homebuyers to invite their family and friends to your website to collaborate in their search, effectively turning one lead into two or more for the same potential transaction. On your site, they’ll also find Showcase IDX 3.0’s useful suite of consumer tools, which make it easy for them to track and organize their search… and to reach out to you when they are ready for help.


Redefining Your Online Business
We are completely redefining what an IDX can be and what your agent or team website can achieve in an online market dominated by portals such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. To do this, we are not setting out to mimic what these sites already do successfully. We are taking a new and different approach to engaging your website visitors, their friends and family, and your current and past clients. With Showcase IDX 3.0, your agent website is the hub of your online brand — something you own that is profitable and reinforces your value proposition better than advertising on Zillow.

Over the next five weeks, before launch, we will post the 3.0 story and more details. You’ll learn about its speed, social sharing, and SEO, and take a deep dive into how things work on both the front and back ends. Most importantly, you’ll find out how you can use 3.0 to redefine your online business.

Switching Over
Existing customers — including all new customers who sign up before launch day — will have the opportunity to enjoy a free trial of our new Premium Package for 60 days and will retain their current base pricing on the new Essentials plan (a set of features equivalent to our current version) for the next two years. It’s our way of thanking you for your patience and support as we built this innovative new version.

Lastly, although we are excited for you to start benefiting from all of 3.0’s new features, existing users will not be forced to switch to the new version on day one. When you are ready, we’ve made the switch-over process easy.