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The key to any good home search is to make it instantly engaging and easy-to-use. The trick is also making it powerful enough to find exactly what you’re looking for, even if what you’re looking for is a 3 story house with 2 fireplaces, a pool, 2500-square feet of living space, on a 1-acre lot… on a golf course.

In redesigning our search for 3.0, we wanted to improve the elements of our current design that have worked well and extend the capabilities of the search. It was important to us to make sure that it was a familiar enough for a random person on the internet to instantly understand how to use it and start searching. We’ve kept it very simple and familiar at the start so to not overwhelm users, and then we reveal more as they get more comfortable and only by request. In doing this, we’ve created the most flexible search on the market that also very importantly, lets agents use any combination of these search filters to create hotsheets or recommended searches for your leads and clients. More on that soon!

Primary Search Fields

Location is everything in real estate, right? So we’ve extended what you can do with the location field. In addition to giving you automatic suggestions based on what you type in, you can see the top results across all the main location types: cities, zip codes, subdivisions, streets & buildings. These are the locations with the most amount of current listings. You can also search within those types as well to narrow down your suggestions even more.

The location field doubles as a quick way to search for keywords in the descriptions of listings. Just type in the word or phrase you’re looking for and hit enter!

We have completely rebuilt our price range selector to ensure that it works great on desktop and mobile browsers. Since different markets and agents have different price points, we have added a premium plan feature that gives agents the choice between 3 price range options: standard market, high market, and luxury market price ranges.

Beds & Baths
We’ve got your standard bed and bath fields for the launch of 3.0. Not that exciting, but they work great!
Coming Soon – In a release soon after the initial 3.0 launch, we will be adding a switch that will allow the user to choose between X & Up or exact bedrooms or bathrooms to these dropdowns.

Listing & Property Types
Upon release of 3.0, we will have For Sale and Rental listings available in the search. There are also settings available in 3.0 to exclude Rentals entirely from your search, or For Sale listings if you want a rentals only search.
Coming very soon – Sold Listings! This has been a central piece of our plans for 3.0 since the beginning, but it’s taking more time than we had planned to get all of the MLS’s processed. We will be bringing sold listings to most MLS’s online after the initial launch. This was one of the items that we put off to get 3.0 into our customers’ hands sooner, rather than holding up everything else for the sold data. We have agreements in place and it’s just a matter of getting the core 3.0 product shipped first before we complete this task.

Listing Types
Agents will have the flexibility to select which listing types they want to show in the search results. Only want active listings? No problem. We are supporting all listing types provided and allowable to display by each MLS. These types depend on the MLS, but can include, but are not limited to New Construction, Foreclosures, Short Sales & Bank Owned.

Property Types
3.0 will support all available property types available from each MLS. Agents will have the ability to choose which property types that they want to display on their site. These property types include but are not limited to Single Family Home, Land, Condo, Townhouse, Commercial, Acreage & Farm, Multi-Family, Conversion, and Other.


Advanced Search Fields

School search is extremely important and something that we take very seriously. We let consumers search or browse for School Districts, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools.

Year Built
Only want a home that was built this year? Or in 1977? You can now do exactly that with our Year Built search. You can make it as narrow or as broad as you like.

Days Online
Everyone loves seeing new listings, so we now have the ability for users to specify exactly how long the property has been for sale online. They can put in a custom range or say “Up to 7 days online”.

Lot Size
You can now search for ranges of lot sizes in acres… from small city lots to massive rural lots.

Square Feet
One big gap in Showcase IDX 2.0 was a square footage filter. We have solved this in 3.0 with the ability for users to easily put in a range of square feet, by typing exact amounts or selecting from a list.

Sometimes you just need to look up a listing by MLS number. We’ve made it very easy to do it.

You can now search by listing status. Agents will have full control over setting which statuses are displayed in the search.

Price Change
You will be able to search for listings with price changes within a certain timeframe. Pretty sweet, especially for hotsheets, consumer search subscriptions, and agent recommendations.

HOA Fees
As more and more people start moving into communities and buildings with HOAs, we felt it was important to add an easy to use HOA Fee search filter.

Open House Search
Users will be able to find upcoming open houses posted in the MLS. Listings with open houses will now also be featured in the search results with a flag that includes the day and time of the upcoming open house.


Advanced Feature Fields

This is where we get more detailed than practically any other search out there. Most people won’t use these all the time, we know that, but agents will… and if consumers want something very specific, they can find it with Showcase IDX 3.0. We spent a lot of time working on the design and user experience for making these features findable, useful and not overwhelming. We recategorized all our MLS feeds to put all features into one of four buckets: General, Interior, Exterior and Community Features. This makes it much easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for and see all the options while being the least overwhelming as possible. Depending on the MLS we’ll probably be moving some of these around, so when you get the search and you think a feature should be in a different bucket, just let us know and we’ll take a look at it.

General Features
These features vary from MLS to MLS, but examples include Style, Sewer, Basement, Construction Status, Interior Features, Boat House, Lot, Energy, Stories, Special Considerations, View, Road, and Parking.

Interior Features
These features vary from MLS to MLS, but examples include Heating, Cooling, Flooring, Rooms, Bedroom, Interior, Fireplaces, Kitchen, Master Bath, Equipment, and Kitchen Layout.

Exterior Features
These features vary from MLS to MLS, but examples include Construction, Roof, Waterfront, Lot, Pool, and Exterior.

Community Features
These features vary from MLS to MLS, but examples include Amenities, Pet Restrictions, Annual Association Fees, HOA Fees Include, and Lake.


Map Search Tools

Search In Map Bounds
The new 3.0 Search allows you to search the entire MLS, and not just limited to one or more locations, so depending on the search you’re making it’s easier to use the map as a filter so the results only show listings that are inside the map view. We don’t want anyone to miss any listings, so we’ve extended the cap we had on results from 100 to whatever the actual number of results for a search are. We should the first 100 results as markers with numbers on the map, and show the next 200 results as dots. The dots can be clicked as well.

Polygon Filtering
Want to get really specific in your search? You can now put one or more polygons on the map. The new polygons are also editable, so you can click and drag on them to get it just right. Also, deleting them is much more straightforward than on Showcase IDX 3.0.

This is just what we’re bringing out in terms of search capabilities at launch on May 30, 2017. We have so many ideas that we’re itching to get to once we ship 3.0 and get more feedback from consumers and our customers. We’re gearing up to iterate fast on 3.0 and have 3.1 hot on its heels with the items that we couldn’t make fit into the initial 3.0 release.