Using hotsheets and community pages to drive traffic

Lesson 9 Module 3

This is probably the most important feature of building a successful real estate website.

What is a hotsheet? Hotsheets and community pages are individual pages on your site that focus on a single type of home, an individual condo building, homes within walking of a particular school, or any other refined interest that your clients may have.

Before digging into the actual data, I would have told you that “more” was better, but as I’m continuing to see with Google Analytics (since their E-A-T update on expertise, authority, and trustworthiness), Google cares more about quality than quantity.

Of our top 24 websites:

  • Four had 11 or less hotsheets, and one in the top 5 had only two.
  • Three had between 12 and 99 hotsheets
  • Eleven had between 100 and 499 community pages
  • Two had 500 to 999 pages, and
  • Only four had more than 1,000 pages.

Outside of our top 24 most successful customers, we’ve seen many customers do well by building hundreds and thousands of hotsheets on their sites. This is achievable by carving out a few hours every week to invest in writing content and adding a few new hotsheets.

Research shows that websites with fresh content earn 88% more leads per month than static content. Hotsheets and community pages give your website a stream of fresh content that if done correctly will meet what a potential buyer/seller is searching for on Google, and Google is increasingly looking for content that meets “searcher’s intent”..

To rank well on Google, especially after Google’s more recent updates, I suggest building high-quality community pages and hotsheets that support the niche you’re focused on. Focus on providing quality content, written and/or video, on these pages.

Adding saved searches from Showcase IDX to the pages will ensure that Google sees regularly updated pre-rendered content on these pages and provide your visitors with home listing results they desire.

To support your advertising or outbound email/call marketing, create a hotsheet tailored for the individual persona you are targeting with each advertisement or reach out. The more your advertising message aligns with the landing page you’re sending them to, the higher your conversion rate will be because the visitors will find more value.

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