How did we determined the 24 most successful sites for this course

Lesson 7 Module 2

The section above talked through the three ways we believe you should evaluate if your site is successful.

Assuming you have a website that uses Showcase IDX to stop the “leakage” of clients going to Zillow, there are times when driving traffic alone will be your main driver of success, and there are times when leads are the most important.

We sorted all of our customers by most traffic generated and then also by most leads generated over the same time period. The lists were very similar and the top three sites remained the top three by both methods. We opted to sort by total traffic for this guide, as generating new traffic and retaining that traffic (returning visitors) are frequently my suggestion to focus on first, before moving to optimize for conversion to leads.

This method does weigh the list to real estate websites in larger cities and MLSs. As an example, Atlanta has 45,000+ active listings and nearly as many agents, while a smaller city like may have 1,000+ listings with 1,400+ members. With more consumers, there will be more traffic. However, we did see several sites in smaller cities/regions make the list, and the features and settings in this guide apply for every market.

In the rest of this guide, we’ll walk through the features that helped to drive traffic and the settings we see sites with both 1) a higher lead conversion rate and 2) total number of leads generated within those top 24 sites. This will help you save time as you optimize for initial traffic and then for conversions if you have a steady stream of traffic.

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