Not writing and optimizing content for SEO

Lesson 12 Module 3

There’s a huge missed opportunity to publishing a piece of content or creating a community focused hotsheet and having put little to no thought into search engine optimization (SEO).

Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithm, and while there are thousands of factors that they consider, there are a few that have a large impact. 

To increase your traffic over time and get your content found by search engines, it’s imperative that you prepare your written content and images with search engines in mind.

The fix:

Make sure you are using only one H1 (header) tag on the page. Use several H2 or H3 (sub-headings) on each page to separate your content. Name your images with the keywords and/or title of the post. Make sure you use short paragraphs (1 – 3 sentences) and plenty of white space on the page. Google considers readability and the user experience as a ranking factor now.

For a guiding hand on each page and post, install a WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast. They have a premium version that comes with a small fee, but most real estate sites will only need the free version. Yoast will give you a helpful checklist and set of tips to make your content more likely to rank on Google.