Prompting for registration on listing views and search results

Lesson 12 Module 3

After you’ve built up a strong flow of organic traffic or if you’re driving traffic from advertising, you’ll capture more leads by turning on some registration locks.

15 of our 24 most successful sites are using some form of registration locks.

All Showcase IDX plans include the ability to lock the maximum number of listing detail pages a visitor can view until they are prompted to register or sign in. This can be a soft prompt that the visitor can skip or a hard lock where the potential client cannot see any other listing detail pages until they register or sign in.

7 of the top 24 sites uses a soft registration prompt when a visitor has seen a certain number of listings, and we see success with the prompt displaying every 5 to 25 listings. For the 15 that use some form of registration lock, 7 out of those 15 sites use soft registration prompts.

5 of the top 24 sites use a hard registration lock, and we see success with the prompt showing on the first property being displayed and up to after the 10th listing.

Premium users have the added feature of being able to set the maximum number of search results a lead can see before they have to register. This allows the user to see multiple potential pages of search results before having to register on your site.

6 of the top 24 sites use the Search Results Lock, with it triggering between 2 pages and 5 pages. For the 15 that use some form of registration lock, 6 out of 15 sites use this Search Results Lock.