Requiring registration to see premium listing data

Lesson 13 Module 3

This may be one of the most important IDX and home search features if you’re goal is to generate leads.

Premium listing data is additional, unique, and highly valuable data beyond what is provided from your MLS. It includes information such as:

  • Walk score for the neighborhood
  • Transit scores for the community
  • Bike scores showing the biking infrastructure
  • Links to nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and more
  • Population insights: total population, median age, population density, etc.
  • Community demographics, including:
    • Gender
    • Age group
    • Education levels
    • Average household size
    • Median household income
    • Average individual income
    • Cost of living compared to national average
    • Marital statuses
    • Blue Collar vs White Collar Workers
    • Type of Commute for those working.
    • Average commute times

50% of the most successful sites that are on Premium require a visitor to register before seeing Premium Listing Data.

Tip: Consumers love this data, and it can be a strong reason to register on your site. We’ve seen people see a drastic increase in their lead conversion by simply turning on the Premium Listing Content lock. In other places on their site, they explicitly shows the type of additional content you get when you register.

Visitors for different real estate niches and parts of the country are unique, so make sure to test how the lock works on your site. Turn it on for a few weeks, then off for the same amount of time, then compare the results in Google Analytics. The key here is to understand your local target niche(s). If you do not test registration locks, you risk valuable data that could tell you that you’re losing visitors because a lock was put at the wrong time or for the wrong data.

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Get 200+ social media images and videos free.