Streamlined versus advanced search types

Lesson 15 Module 3

Showcase IDX offers two different search types:

  • Streamlined search is ideal for searching multiple MLSs and mobile
  • Advanced search provides detailed advanced search features
Property search from home on real estate agent website - Showcase IDX

Of our 24 most successful real estate websites powered by Showcase IDX, 8 use our Streamlined Home Search and 16 use the Advanced Home Search.

However, the data within these sites and across our wider customer base does not show a clear winner.

The Streamlined and Advanced Home Search options are split almost equal when I examine the data based on 1) most traffic 2) most number of leads and 3) highest conversion of visitors to leads. The conclusion is that both perform well with consumers.

Tip: The choice of which search type should be a discussion between you and website developer. Ultimately, you want to make the choice based on the experience you’re trying to tailor for your clients.