Success with zero registration locks

Lesson 11 Module 3

Within Showcase IDX, you can restrict certain information from visitors that they only see after registering or signing in. We call this feature a registration lock. Here’s one example:

Even if you’re focused on brand building at this stage of growing your business in a specific real estate niche, you still need to capture visitors’ info at some point. So, when should you prompt visitors to enter their name and contact info?

We see agents, teams, and brokers driving thousands of visitors and home search users every month regardless of if they’re using a registration lock.

Nine of the sites in our top 24 most successful sites use zero registration locks (neither hard locks or soft prompts).

They’re generating dozens of leads from other lead capture tools within Showcase IDX such as “asking a question about a property”, “schedule a tour”, inviting family or friends to collaborate on their search, etc.

Tip: Show your clients how they can use the Friends & Family tools to collaborate without using text/email to share properties and comments. This can lead to 1 – 5 additional potential leads from the single contact you may have in your CRM. It’s also a great way for clients to get a feel for their next home before they’re ready to actively start looking.