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The Benefits of Content Curation with Quuu (from their CEO)

Lesson 8 Module 3

We are NOT affiliated with Quuu. I've just seen it work well for many businesses. 

Quuu is the home of content curation, but not just any old curation, hand-curated content, with a member of our team reviewing each and every piece that we consider sharing with our users as a content suggestion for social media.

The Quuu team prides themselves on the fact that they take the time to hand pick (or curate) content for you to share with your following. That way, there’s no chance of boring or offending your audience. Many people share Quuu content from professional or company social media accounts. They have to bear this in mind when reviewing content.

Here are some of the guidelines they use when picking content.

  • Do not use vulgarities
  • Do not write sales focused pieces
  • Do not be boring or take too long to get to the point
  • Do not have a website that is difficult to view (too many adverts, intrusive pop-ups, mini-font, italicized font etc.)
  • Do not write time-sensitive content that will expire soon or that is focused too strongly on national or religious holidays
  • Do not submit dead links or links to a home page or index page, instead of the specific page
  • Do not send non-English language content
  • Do not submit content which is inappropriate, too specific or irrelevant to the intended category (if the category you’re after isn’t there, then let Quuu know)
  • Do not be too strongly opinionated or biased towards the subject (this has to be shared by people who may not share your view)
  • Do not be sloppy with grammar or spelling.Enter your text here...