What qualifies as a successful Realtor or broker website?

Lesson 3 Module 2

Some marketing agencies will try to tell you that any website that highlights your personal brand well is successful, but they’re missing the point of modern real estate marketing.

Whether you work primarily from referrals and past clients or if you’re primarily focused on new leads, your website must keep your clients on your site and not have them longing for the experience on Zillow or Trulia. We call it “leakage” if a qualified client leaves your site and goes to a large portal because they “leak” out of your sales funnel.

We’ve seen some outdated IDX solutions have leakage of 40% to as high as 90%. Imagine having 90% of strong referrals or leads you spent $25 CPA to acquire visit your landing page and then going to a portal that will share their info with competing agents.

Every website will have a “bounce rate” (the percentage of people that visit and leave. That rate will depend on the source of the traffic, but for a high-traffic site, a good bounce rate may be as high as 80%. We see much lower bounce rates in our top 24 websites.

In the next lesson, we'll walk through the first of three ways of tracking success from your website: