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Dramatic New Performance Optimizations


We know everyone loves putting their websites into tools like Pingdom to get performance and SEO reports. We also know that we didn’t always fair that well with them. But the team has been working hard for a while now on some behind the scenes optimizations and have just completed some key speed and performance enhancements that decrease load times, and remove negative performance indicators from these tests. These improvements are now live.

Some of these improvements include adding cache validation headers to our thumb server and removing the query strings. We also set our static assets (JS, CSS) cache to expire in 1 year, instead of having no cache. These updates should significantly improve the performance of your site.

We took our demo site from a D (66) on Pingdom’s tool to a B (84), and the remaining penalties were completely out of the IDX plugin’s control, with the -16 points of negative impact coming from the theme and the non-cached map tiles. I’ve added a comparison of a Showcase IDX search page to a rather well-known search site for comparison sake…

There are so many factors that are out of our control that affect performance, like the type of your server and its configuration… but this is a major step forward in optimizing Showcase IDX and making it even better. As always, this is an iterative process and I’m sure that someone can find something that could still be improved. Let us know and we’ll look at it and see if we can make it happen. But as far as how Pingdom judges us, we’re pretty good now.

You can test your own site at:


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