Let Your Leads And Clients Search Together

Showcase IDX is the leader in social home search. We let family and friends search together, collaborate and organize their search like no other platform.

People Want To Search Together… Let Them

Fact: There’s rarely just one decision-maker in a home search.

Social Search (Re)Invented

After years of research and talking to agents and home buyers, one thing became very apparent: the ubiquitous online home search tools aren't meeting the needs of actual home buyers. The thing we found isn't revolutionary, but it kind of is. Most people don't look for a home by themselves. Most people have other decision-makers and influencers as part of the home buying process. We thought, why in the hell do online searches do such a crappy job of making it easy for people to search together. We decided to change that.

Invite Friends And Family

Showcase IDX lets your website visitors invite their friends and family to their home search. Each person has their own account, and they are linked in the consumer tools and agent admin. So they (and you) can see each other's activity.

Search Organization For Groups

Most consumer home search tools are limited to a list of saved listings and searches. We've put a lot of work into create organizational and insight tools for the modern online consumer so they can slice and dice their own (and their search group's) search activity.

Communication And Collaboration

Showcase IDX has more ways for consumers to communicate, engage and organize their search than any other IDX. Through commenting and emoji reactions, consumers can truly organize their search together with your website as the hub of their search. This is especially good for clients you are actually working with.

More Engagement Opportunites

By providing more useful tools that your leads and clients actually use, you increase engagement and the stickiness of your website. This can dramatically increase the opportunities that you can generate off of your website, from both leads and existing clients.

Give Consumers A Place To Talk About Their Search

People are going to talk about their search, why not make it on your website.

Consumer Commenting

Your registered IDX users can privately comment on listings so that they will only see these comments. You can see the activity on the listing but not the message. Why do we do this? People are going to communicate between themselves anyways like it or not. Why not make it very easy for them to do it on your website?

React And Organize With Emoji

Showcase IDX lets website users react to any listing on the site. This is used a way for people in a social search to quickly communicate how they feel about a listing, as well help organize listings they like or don't like.

Consumer Privacy

These days, you have to respect consumer privacy. Gone are the days where you could take some liberties with consumer privacy and get away with it. We've built Showcase IDX to adhere to consumer privacy laws while giving you more chances to legitimately engage with the users on your website.

Better Ways For Consumers To Organize Their Search

For years, online home buyers could only see their saved listings and searches. Not anymore.

Activity Timeline

When your leads and clients are in a social search group, they can see all of the activity from the other group members in a dashboard and toolkit that gives them the ability to see the activity of the whole group, or just themselves.

Listing Insight And Search Tools

How useful would it be to see all the listings that your partner or friend looked at in their search? Then how'd it be to see all the other things they've done, like react to a home, save a home, see their comments. You can do this all from our consumer listings tools.

Search Subscription Tools

When you say "Save Search" in an IDX, our consumer research suggested strongly that most people had no idea how that would be really that useful for them. As soon as changed it to Subscribe To Search. People got it immediately. We also added more consumer tools to let people manage their subscription like no other IDX.