Manage Everything In One Place

Manage your websites, users, leads, hotsheets, recommendations, settings and everything else in a central admin tool.

A Centralized Admin For Your Whole Team

Whether you are a solo agent or have a team, our admin gives the right people the tools they need.

As Many Users As You Need

With Showcase IDX, you can add as many users as you want. Each plan has a number of users included in the base price. You can choose for a user to be an Administrator who can see everything or a Member who only sees information pertaining to their leads and no settings or account-level tools.

Support For Multiple Websites

Showcase IDX lets you add as many websites to your account as you want and they are all managed from the one central admin tool. You get a substantial 50% discount on each of the additional websites and you can add them as soon as you've activated your account.

WordPress MultiSite Compatibility

Are you serious about managing a collection of sites for yourself or someone else? Showcase IDX is fully compatible with WordPress MultiSite. We also make it easy to design and build a website on a staging server and move that license to the production location quickly and easily.

Manage Your Website Licenses Easily

Need to add a new website? No problem, you can put in a request right in your admin account. Depending on the MLS rules, we may need to do additional paperwork, and there may be an additional MLS pass-through fee. But this really depends on the MLS and we don't do paperwork or charge this fee where we don't have to.

A Light CRM For Managing Your Leads

All the basic CRM tools agents are looking for, with the ability to export leads to actual CRMs.

Birds Eye View

Get a top-down summary view of all your leads through our leads pages. You can search, filter and sort the data to get the view you need to manage your leads.

See All Your Lead's Activity

The lead detail page gives you a full overview of all the search activities of the lead on your website. This includes which listings the person has looked at and how many times, saved listings, hidden listings, search subscriptions and saved listings.

More Information Than Any IDX, Automatically

When every lead comes in, we take their email address and run it through our Lead Enhancer to get their photo and as many social media accounts as we possibly can. How would you like the Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter of your leads without having to do anything? We have a hit rate of about 60-70% on the leads that come into your Showcase IDX.

Personas and Statuses Keep Leads Organized

Showcase IDX lets you add personas to your leads as they come in... This means you can segment your leads by whether they are a buyer, seller, client, past client or time waster. You can also manage the lead's status from within Showcase IDX.

Add Notes And Tag Your Leads

Showcase IDX gives you more ways to tag and sort your leads through tagging them. You can set up your own tags and apply them to your leads to keep them organized. Tags not enough? You can also leave timestamped notes on leads.

Build Your Website And Relationships With Searches

The Showcase IDX Search Library gives you the power to build an incredible web presence.

Introducing The Search Library

The Search Library is your secret weapon in being more efficient with managing your website. Firstly, the searches created in the Search Library can be used for hotsheets or for recommendation email subscriptions to leads. The magic is that searches in the Search Library are reusable, so if you want to recommend a popular search to multiple people, you can do recommend the same search to as many people as you like, and also use it in a hotsheet too. You can edit it in one place and it updates all of the recommendations and hotsheets using it. It's a massive time saver.

Create Powerful Hotsheets

Creating the search is only part of adding listings to your site in a way that makes sense. On top of being able to create embeddable searches, hotsheets give you more control over how the listings appear. From including a live map, to limiting the results and displaying the listings in a choice of two formats, we have covered.

Recommend Listings and Searches

We have made it really easy for you to sign people up to receive CANSPAM/CASL-compliant search emails. From the one place in your admin, you can set your leads up with email subscriptions that are "recommended", reinforcing the value you bring. You can set up the frequency of these emails to be instant, daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the needs of the lead.

Customize Your IDX Experience With Our Settings

We've listened to the agents who use our IDX and as a result, we've got a set of useful settings.

Control The Listings On Your Site

Showcase IDX gives you an incredible amount of control over which listings appear in your search results. You can set up the default map position, results sorting, limit or exclude results by location, filter out listing/property types, and set minimum and maximum sale prices.

Fully Responsive Search

We've made it incredibly easy for you to add Showcase IDX to your search. It's designed to automatically fill any container you put it in. Which means, if you want it full width, it will fill up the entire width automatically. If you put in a smaller container, it will automatically fill that width.

Flexible Display Options

We have made it really easy for you to sign people up to receive CANSPAM/CASL-compliant search emails. From the one place in your admin, you can set your leads up with email subscriptions that are "recommended", reinforcing the value you bring. You can set up the frequency of these emails to be instant, daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the needs of the lead.

9 Map Choices

Showcase IDX has 9 different map styles to make sure that we have a map look and feel that will fit your website. The Essentials plan is limited to the one Default design, but that also happens to be our most popular map choice!

Choose The Right Price Dropdown For Your Market

We know that not every market or business in the same... Some agents deal only with luxury while some have, let's say, more modest price points. Showcase IDX gives you the choice for a middle of the road price range for your search's price dropdown (recommended), or alternatively a lower or higher version for both for sale listings and rentals.

Match Your Website's Color Scheme in 2 Minutes

It's important that our IDX looks like it's part of your website, not just slapped on top of it like some IDX's look. We've made it easy for even non-technical agents to change the main colors on the IDX to match their website's or brand's color scheme.

CSS Compatibiilty For Advanced Users

While it's important to help non-technical agents, it's also important to have flexibility for more advanced users. All our CSS has been very intentionally name-spaced to ensure a few CSS conflicts with your theme and other plugins as possible. We also have a place where you can add custom CSS without having to worry about putting into your theme (or child-theme).