Lead Assignment

Getting the right lead to the right person at the right time is vital, and that means quick response times. Our standard plan comes with manual lead assignment; leads are sent to one user who can be manually reassign them to agents. Premium users get the ability to add round robin distribution and advanced routing rules. We have a roadmap to continue innovating when it comes to assigning leads to the right agent at the right time and giving agents the tools they need to respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Manual Assignment

Do you have an ISA team or person who handles your incoming leads? You can have all leads sent to that person/account so that they can respond and manually assign those leads to agents at the right time.

Round Robin Assignment

Premium Feature

All leads that come in are automatically assigned to the agents in your website's round robin pool. If you have more than one website, this pool can be different for each website.

Advanced Routing Rules

Premium Feature - Coming Soon

This is the magic sauce that can take your lead assignment to the next level. You can assign leads based on any available IDX field. Routing Rules override round robin and manual assignment settings and ensure that the lead goes directly to the right person.

Routing Rule Examples

Premium Feature - Coming Soon

You have an agent on your team who works all REO buyer business? Send all foreclosures and short sale associated leads directly to them. Want to keep leads on listings over $1,500,000 for yourself? Just set up a rule and leads associated with luxury homes will always be assigned to you.

Prioritized Routing Rules

Premium Feature - Coming Soon

You can decide which of your advanced routing rules are most important by prioritizing them in the settings. Those rules will then override less important rules. If you have a rule that must always apply, put it at #1!

Assignment Type by Source

You want the right recipient for the right lead, so Showcase IDX lets you decide, based on source, whether you want to send the lead to an individual for manual assignment or put it into the round robin pool.

Roster Management

Premium Feature

You may not want everyone on your team to receive leads through round robin distribution, so we give you the ability to easily remove users from the round robin pool for any website. Different websites can have different pools of lead recipients.

Lead Reassignment

Once a lead has been assigned, Showcase IDX makes it simple for agents to reassign leads to other agents on the team as needed.