Lead Management

Knowing who your leads are as people is important when building relationships with online consumers and transforming those leads into business. Showcase IDX provides a full view into the activity of every lead, with timeline and breakdown views of their behavior and activity on your website. Every lead goes through our Social Media Finder process to give you links to their social media accounts and additional information so you can better understand the people behind your leads.

Lead Index

With Showcase IDX's Lead Index, you can quickly search for and find any lead. The index can be sorted by column, so you can slice and dice your lead data within Showcase IDX.

Lead Detail Page

Get in-depth information about your leads — from which listings they've been looking at, saving, reacting to, and commenting on to all their Search Subscriptions.

Export Your Leads

Showcase IDX allows you to effortlessly export all your leads to CSV at any time. We also give you integration tools from Zapier so you can automatically export your leads from Showcase IDX to CRMs, MailChimp, and other online services.

Basic CRM Tools

Some agents and teams aren't looking for a full-blown CRM solution, so Showcase IDX provides a basic but useful set of tools for curating and managing leads.

Lead Personas

To make it easier to manage your leads, we provide you with tools to categorize them into different personas, including: Buyer, Seller, Past Client, and Time-Waster.

Lead Statusing

Showcase IDX helps you status leads as they come in and are getting worked. These tools are very useful for teams or ISA teams that need to track the status of leads through the pipeline.

Lead Assignment

All leads can be manually assigned to other agent and non-agent users who are on the website's user roster. Premium customers have automated lead assignment options as well.

Lead Tagging

You have complete flexibility when it comes to segmenting your leads. Any lead can be given additional tags, which you can centrally add, manage, and delete to avoid redundancy and ensure that your whole team is using the same tags.

Lead Analytics

It's important for agents to see the big picture, not just which listings leads are interacting with. Showcase IDX provides thorough analytics on every lead's activity while they are using your search.

Call-to-Action Tracking

It's important to know what kind of message or registration you are dealing with, so Showcase IDX tells you the exact source of leads — whether it's a contact form, an info request on a listing, or website sign-up form.