Registration Settings

We believe the best way to compete online is to engage consumers with a quality search experience so they want to sign up. That's the guiding principle behind Showcase IDX. Create value > people will sign up > provide useful tools > they may invite other stakeholders > build relationships > sell more homes. 

This means not forcing registration as a best practice. We believe that this gambit doesn't work well, and when it does, that the quality of the leads doesn't justify the additional quantity.

That said, we know that not everyone holds the same beliefs, so we offer a flexible registration system that provides different levels of registration restrictions, so you can customize to your liking.

Soft Registration Prompts

This registration setting allows the user to skip registration and continue searching. You can set the message to trigger once, or once every for every X listing detail pages viewed.

Forced Registration

This registration setting allows you to put a hard cap on the number of listing detail pages the consumer can view before they are required to register on the site.

Search Results Lock

Premium Feature

This Premium registration setting gives you the ability to limit the number of results pages a consumer can view before they are required to register.

Premium Listing Content

Premium Feature

This Premium registration setting blurs out premium listing content (demographic and neighorbood info) on listings until the consumer has registered and signed in.

Phone Field

Showcase IDX gives you the ability to add a phone number field to your registration form. You can also decide whether you want the field to be optional or required.

Change Options Anytime

A big part of optimizing your website (and the quality of engagement and leads) is being able to easily test to determine what works for you and your market and what doesn't. Showcase IDX lets you change your options at any time and track the results.