SEO Settings

Our approach to building an IDX search with great SEO characteristics goes right to the foundation and architecture of the plugin and how it interacts with your WordPress install. We wanted to give our customers the tools they need to differentiate themselves from other sites, but more than that, we wanted to build an IDX that respects Google and Bing's best practices, loads quickly, and engages users to keep bounce rates as low as possible. Showcase IDX does all of this.

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It's a simple but effective approach: Write good code and provide the tools that prevent novices from shooting themselves in the foot but still allow professionals to do their thing.

Custom Meta Tags

Showcase IDX comes with default meta tags added to our listing detail pages, which can be dynamically customized with database fields and plain text.

Plays Well With Others

Showcase IDX works alongside the major WordPress SEO plugins without breaking them.

Solid, Fast Architecture

Showcase IDX is hosted completely on Google's cloud platform. While this might not directly aid SEO, it does means it loads fast no matter where you are in the country, and that does help.

XML Sitemaps

For every website, Showcase IDX automatically generates dynamic XML sitemaps that reflect the listings displayed on the site. These are updated as often as every 10 minutes for most MLSs.

Customizable URLs

Showcase IDX gives you the ability to customize the URL structure of your listing detail pages, around some mandatory fields that we need to identify the listing.

Deep Integration

Showcase IDX is deeply integrated into the WordPress framework. With server-side rendering of the listing detail page, the indexable listing information is displayed as a native part of the page.

No Garbage iFrames

iFrames are garbage and completely unindexable by search engines because they can't see the content. We don't use them, and you shouldn't invest in an IDX that does.

No Subdomains

All the DNS tricks in the world aren't going to change the fact that it isn't optimal to put your search on a subdomain separate from your main website content. We don't do that. We are deeply integrated into your actual website's pages and posts.