Social IDX Search


Our research found that existing home search tools weren't really meeting the needs of the average home buyer. One of the most important things we noticed was that the majority of people don't search alone for a home. There's more than one stakeholder or influencer in most transactions.

That's why we took the time to build some truly useful and unique tools that allow people to collaborate with their partner, family members, or friends during their home search. Members of what we call a Search Party can comment, react, get organized, and see each other's activities during their home search.

From an agent's perspective, Social Search is a win/win. You have the opportunity to take one lead around a potential transaction and multiply it. If one person in the Search Party goes dormant, another member's activity can bring them back to your website. It dramatically increases engagement on your site, bringing consumers back time and time again rather than letting them drift off to Zillow or a competitor's site.

Search Together

Each user has their own account but can see and interact with their friends' activity.

Invite Family and Friends

Users can easily invite others to join their Search Party home search.

Listing Reactions

Emoji reactions help users quickly organize and communicate their feelings.

Private Commenting

Search Party members have the ability to privately discuss listings.

Agent Commenting

Agents can easily be invited into comment threads when the consumer is ready.

Multiply Your Leads

Get multiple real and valid contacts for one potential transaction.

Consumer Tools

Our social dashboards and organizational tools are powerful and useful.

Increased Engagement

Build a community around your website with our consumer tools.