Mobile IDX

Just squishing your website's IDX search onto a phone screen just doesn't give the experience that today's consumers expect. Showcase IDX has a mobile interface with more mobile-only features that are optimized for using your website on a phone or tablet! 

We're serious about providing a beautiful mobile experience for your website visitors. Showcase IDX doesn't just squish everything into a smaller space, we make sure it looks and works great on any size screen.


Current Location Search

The "Use My Current Location" button allows smartphone users to search for homes in the area where they are.

Call About This Listing

The "Call About This Listing" button connects directly to the user's phone so they can call you instantly.

Mobile Browser Tested

We've tested Showcase IDX on the most popular mobile phones, tablets, and mobile browsers.

Search Parity

We've made sure the experience on mobile devices mirrors the desktop experience, down to the smallest detail.

Mobile Mapping

We've designed the most intuitive and useful mobile mapping solution on any IDX.

Finger Draw Polygons

Showcase IDX has the easiest to use mobile polygon search. Just use your finger to draw the polygon and that's it.

Optimized Listing Details

We've made it so that it is easy to read all about every listing on your website. Clean, uncluttered design with lots of whitespace.

Fast Loading Pages

We've take pageload speed very seriously, and it's nowhere more important than when searching with a phone over a cellular network.