Social Media

How to Schedule Social Media Content

Module 2

Module Structure

How to Schedule Content Manually

If you need help transfering the images and videos to your phone, this lesson will help you.

Overview of how schedule posts so they post automatically

I'm a huge fan of "batching work", where you sit down on focus on one task at a time.

Things like Instagram Stories or live videos must be live, and I love offering small glimpses into my personal journey throughout the day when time arrives (follow me on IG to see what being a new dad looks like while helping people grow their businesses), but the bulk of high-quality content that your audience will love can be batched and then automatically posted over the coming weeks.

It may take a few cycles for it to feel effortless but once you get it figured out, it can be a highly effective tool to grow your real estate business.

How to schedule content directly in Facebook and Instagram

Learn how you can schedule weeks of Facebook and get extra reach because of it.

Download 200+ additional free images and videos to use on your social channels

Get instant access to 200+ images, videos, and GIFs.

Let's get you a ton of high-quality content to jumpstart your social media profiles and let you get back to serving your clients. 

How to schedule content with Buffer

Learn how you can schedule weeks of instagram content using Buffer.

How to schedule content with Tailwind

Tailwind: It is $9.99 / month for each Instagram and Pinterest but super valuable. Here's an overview of the capabilities and a walkthrough of how to use it, so you can decide if it's worth trying.