The Features and Settings to Use

Module 3

See the website features and settings other agents are using to grow their business and what you may want to test on your website.

Module Structure

Number of real estate websites

Watch to find out what our analysis of 100,000 real estate websites and Google Insiders say about how many websites a Realtor should have if they want to be successful today.

Using hotsheets and community pages to drive traffic

This is probably the most important feature of building a successful real estate website.

Learn what hotsheets and community pages are, how many you should build out on your website to drive signficant traffic from Google and other search engines, and other tips based on Google's E-A-T update (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness).

See how many hotsheets our top 24 websites have and how many you should add to your website.

Showcase Plan: Premium or Essentials

What is the best IDX plan for your website when you're starting out, when you have an established website, and when you have a Certified Partner building your site this year?

The answer may surprise you.

Plus, I'll share the single thing that I see Realtors and small teams with growing businesses do that results in creating a modern real estate marketing machine that grows their business month-after-month and year-after-year.

Requiring registration to see premium listing data

This may be one of the most important IDX and home search features if you’re goal is to generate leads.