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New Facebook Sharing Features


We know how important Facebook sharing is. So, we’ve updated the way we handle sharing searches on Facebook, from a very generic format with a really long and ugly link to a brand new design that focuses on the area of the search and the criteria being searched. We want to thank all the customers who gave input into building these new enhancements.

We are using a dynamically-generated map of the area being searched as the image. This is because we found that the first result listing photo isn’t always the best to show off the search. The idea is that you want people on Facebook to click on the link and get to your website, but be put off by what could a random listing photo. We’ve also added some of the main search criteria into the post to give the user some additional relevant information about the search. We see this as a major improvement to the ability to share Showcase IDX searches from our customers’ websites on Facebook.



But Wait… There’s More! 

We’ve also added a significantly shortened URL so the search URL isn’t so long as we had it in the previous version. It’s a better format for other services like Twitter and LinkedIn.

As always, we’re going to continue to improve this sharing feature as we get more feedback and see how this works now that it is live.







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