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New Feature Alert: Deactivate Website Licenses

This isn’t the sexiest new feature, but website administrators can now easily deactivate (aka remove) the Showcase IDX license from a website’s WordPress plugin admin themselves… This will reset the installed plugin and the website will no longer be attached to that WordPress Installation. It also means that our customers can do this themselves without having to contact support for assistance.

Why on earth would someone want to do this?

  • You activated the wrong Showcase IDX website to a WordPress installation.
  • You want to install a different Showcase IDX website on this WordPress Installation.
  • You want to install this Showcase IDX website ( Demo) on a different WordPress Installation. Most Common

What happens if I do this by mistake?

It’s not the end of the world. You’ll just need to reactivate the plugin and everything will be as it was before. You’re not going to lose anything.

I don’t understand a word you’ve said, do I need to do anything with this?

Probably not. This is not a button that will be pressed often… and it should only be pressed if you really understand what it does and when you need it. When you need it, it’ll be really handy. Until then, just ignore it.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team. 

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