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New Feature Alert! Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking


Less than a week after announcing our Google Analytics event tracking features, we’re very excited to be announcing our new integration with Facebook Pixel.

Facebook advertising has quickly become one of the most popular forms of real estate consumer advertising, with its ability to target audiences and create traffic at a reasonable cost. Having Facebook pixel integration in Showcase IDX makes it easy for our customers to track conversions, optimize their ads and remarketing better than ever. You can now do this yourself without having to pay through the nose for an IDX or website solution that wants to do this for you.


Conversion Tracking – You can track and see exactly how well your ads are doing by tracking how many conversions you get from your ads.

Optimization – With a Facebook pixel activated on a Facebook ad, you can set automatic bidding for conversions which means that Facebook will profile your leads and show ads to people who are similar to their profile and most likely to convert, effectively A/B test ads, and know exactly how well your campaigns are converting.

Create Lookalike Audiences – Once you’ve tracked 100 conversions, the Facebook pixel allow s you to find potential new clients who are similar to your leads. This is huge, y’all.

Remarketing – You can now set up remarketing campaigns to all your tracked leads, so you can send them specific messaging to bring them back to your website since they’ve already have an account.



How do I set this up?

The best part is that this is already set up in all Showcase IDX-powered websites (Version 3.0+) and is available for all customers on all plans. We’ve made it so you don’t have to do any setup in your Showcase IDX account. All you need to do is follow the instructions to set up a pixel: Get Started With Facebook Pixel. You’ll be able to select your pixel conversion event when you set up Facebook Ads, you can learn how to do that here: Create Ads in Facebook Ad Manager.

Showcase IDX sends all pixel conversion events as a Lead event, and we add a content parameter “New Showcase IDX Lead” to make it easy distinguish our leads from others, if you have more than one Lead trigger on your website.  


We’re excited to continue to innovate and provide the absolute best IDX experience for agents and teams and the people who use their websites to find their next home… and Realtor. A big part of our success is that we actually listen to our customers and we’ve built a flexible platform where we can actually do something about it. Expect more big new USEFUL features from us throughout 2018 and beyond. We’re just getting started.



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