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New Feature Alert: Google Analytics Conversion Tracking


Showcase IDX has just released automated Google Analytics tracking that will allow you to track all the lead conversions on your website through Google Analytics events.

This has already been deployed behind the scenes and your site will be triggering these events whenever there is a qualifying lead event like when a message is sent, a call-to-action is made or a consumer registers on your website. It’s really simple to take a look and test. Just go to your Google Analytics and Behaviors > Events > Overview. (Just be sure to have today in the date range or you won’t see any of your test leads in there)

We’re really excited to be releasing this new functionality that will help you track the effectiveness of your Google Adwords marketing and Showcase IDX.

We are also working on a Facebook Pixel tracking feature that should be ready within the next few weeks so you can track your Facebook advertising lead conversions.



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