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New Feature Alert: Insanely Good Polygon Search Tool

Our polygon search tool now kicks total butt! We’re really happy with it and we hope you’ll love it too!

Here’s what our live draw polygon can now do:
1) You can now live draw polygons. Yes, you can use your mouse/trackpad on desktop or finger on mobile to draw search polygon shapes directly on the map.
2) The drawn polygon is EDITABLE!
3) You can still create a polygon by clicking points on the map like other traditional polygon tools.
4) You can have multiple polygons on one map.
5) We’ve improved editing the shapes on all platforms.
6) We’ve made major improvements in deleting polygons. It just makes sense now. So easy.
7) The polygons can be used in agent recommended searches and consumer search subscriptions.
8) It’s quick. Searches refresh super fast for an incredible user experience!

Go ahead and give it try on on our live demo:

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