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New Feature Alert: New Agent Notification Emails

Getting notified that you have a new lead or message from your website is incredibly important. While just getting a basic message that you’ve got new activity on your website is great, we thought we could do much better than just a notification email. Launching today, our new lead emails totally kick butt. Here are some of the highlights:

Clear Actionable Messages

Everything from the subject line to the way we make sure the message and purpose of the email is much clearer, so when you get messages from your IDX you know exactly what you can do.

More Lead Insight

We don’t just send you the lead’s name, email and phone… we are also processing the contact through our Social Scrubber which finds their social media accounts and then adding the links we find to their Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn accounts to┬áthese new lead notification emails. We’re also making it easier for you to manage leads right from your phone, to email or phone the lead, or go to the lead detail page in admin right from the email.

More Listing Information

If a message or lead is generated from a listing detail page, we now include way more information about that listing. Including:

  • Days Online
  • Subdivision
  • Building Name
  • County
  • Link to the Listing Detail Page

We will continue to iterate on these email notifications as we get more agent feedback over time.

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