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Reseller Program

Showcase IDX can help you build amazing websites while earning up to 40% commission

Becoming a Showcase IDX reseller is a terrific business opportunity for both you and your customers. For you, it can be about much more than making money. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with Showcase IDX developers and staff to ensure that the websites you build and maintain not only exceed your clients’ expectations, but yours as well. Our real estate search plugins are designed to look as great as they work, and we are committed to providing you with a flexible search that will complement your design.

You will maintain your relationships with your clients as their primary point of contact, but we will always be there if you need us. We have a history of doing things the right way. We have been building real estate search for over a decade and have paid out more than $1 million dollars in commissions to our resellers during that time.

Working with us

Even though you’ll be taking care of face-to-face support with your clients, we will always be there to back you up. Our IDX is under constant development, so we regularly add new features and make improvements. As we grow, our focus is to build and refine features that minimize support needs and provide a seamless user experience. We use feedback from both agents and resellers, along with our extensive experience, to build an IDX that’s as solid and reliable as it is good looking.

We provide a number of resources to you as a reseller, including a management panel (the same one we use) where you can handle most of the day-to-day account management. Here are just some of the tools and resources we provide:

  • Customer management panel: Allows you to edit and manage the status of your customers.
  • Embeddable sign-up form: Easily embed a sign-up form on your website — or any website for that matter.
  • New customer alerts: You’ll receive email alerts whenever someone signs up under your account.
  • On-time payment: You will get your commissions within 30 days of the end of every month.


The Showcase IDX Reseller Program provides you with a commission on every end-user that you sign up, for the life of that customer with Showcase IDX. You will be the primary point of contact with your customer for support, they won’t ever contact us directly, but we will be there to provide second tier support to you when you need it. You’ll receive a monthly commission, with a rate based on the number of active paying customers that you have on the last day of each month.

  • 1 – 4 Active Customers 10%
  • 5 – 25 Active Customers 25%
  • 26 – 50 Active Customers 30%
  • 51+ Active Customers 40%
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In everything we do, there’s no BS, no games. We’ll talk straight with you and listen. If we can’t do something, we’ll say so. We aim to be the type of business that we’d want to work and grow with.

Scott Lockhart

COO, Showcase IDX

How it all works


All payments will be made to resellers within 30 days of the end of each month during which the amount owed to the reseller is greater than US $50. Showcase IDX may amend the commission rate at any time, upon 60-days notice to the reseller. All commissions shall be paid in US dollars. “Net Collected Revenue” means the fees paid to Showcase IDX by referred end-users for the client software minus credit card chargebacks (and associated fees) and refunds. No commissions will be paid out to resellers without a valid W-9 form and reseller agreement signed and returned to Showcase IDX.


Reseller may not charge more, or less, than the current standard Showcase IDX rate as it appears on https://showcaseidx.com, without written approval from Showcase IDX. Upon signing up for the service, end-users will be locked into the current price for the duration of their relationship with Showcase IDX. Resellers may charge a “set-up fee” for their services; however this fee may not be attributed to Showcase IDX and must be represented as a reseller fee. End-users may be charged an additional monthly MLS pass-through fee, depending on their MLS’s policy.

Customer relationship with Showcase IDX

Due to the nature of MLS vendor agreements, end-users will have a direct vendor-customer fiduciary relationship with Showcase IDX in regards to the provision of the IDX search on their site and the necessary MLS agreements needed to make that happen. Our support team will work with your support team (and the agent directly in some cases) through the MLS paperwork process and help take care of any issues that may arise. We will let you know the status of these applications as they proceed through the process, which is different for every MLS and can take varying amounts of time.