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Scheduled Maintenance – Tuesday January 9, 2018



Showcase IDX will have a scheduled maintenance period on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, from 11 pm EST for approximately 2-4 hours. During this time Showcase IDX 3.0+ will be inaccessible and will not work on our customer websites. We sincerely apologize for the impact that this may have on our customer’s websites during this time, but it is a crucial infrastructure enhancement that we cannot perform with any less impact.

This does not affect customers on our older 2.0 platform who have yet to switch to 3.0.

What’s Happening

Showcase IDX is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. We have been experiencing some short (mostly 1-2 minute) outages recently due to limitations in our cloud database environment. The limitations have been causing DNS issues in our microservices-based Kubenetes engine, which then have lead to intermittent short outages. We take uptime and reliability very seriously as we understand the impact of what having an unreliable IDX on your website can have. Put simply, we hate outages more than anything else.

To completely mitigate this and ensure our ability to continue to scale due to our current and future growth. We will be migrating the current PostgresSQL that lives in our current cluster to a new managed Google Cloud SQL instance (still using PostgresSQL). We had hoped to do a streaming migration that would incur no downtime, but Google doesn’t support this for PostgresSQL at this time.

This is also going to have benefits across the board in terms of faster query processing speeds and ensuring that we remain snappy-fast as we continue to add more and more customers across the USA.

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