Convos Automation

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About Convos Automation

REAL MARKETING for Real Estate Professionals

We Get You More Leads & Appointments. You don’t have to be a successful broker with a huge budget to use our proven marketing system. You won’t need to max out credit cards or get a bank loan. Convos makes it possible to invest in your business with minimal risk starting with a simple trial price. Starting a conversation shouldn’t be hard. Convos makes it each to reach and connect with your leads on the conversational channels they use the most, like Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp and more.  Convos leverages AI to qualify the lead, cultivate the relationship, and hand the lead over to the agent when the time is right.

Proven Direct Response Ads

Generate over 200 targeted leads a month that match your “ideal” customers by using advanced social media targeting strategies, where prospects identify them as being ready to take action.

Results Oriented Branding

Branding is not worth it… unless it gives you results. And by results, we mean more leads, clients, and closings. The impact of branding in your business needs to be measurable and needs to have a correlation with your bottom-line.

Video Engagement Simplified

The average user spends 144 minutes per day on social media. And they are constantly consuming content in the form of video and images. With our methodology, you can grow your brand, attract the right type of client and build audiences that will be ready to buy or sell with you over the next 90 to 180 days.

Conversation Oriented Lead Generation

A lot of agents think that social media ads do not work for Lead Generation. We have “cracked the code” to slash your cost per lead in half by using social media to build a recognizable brand that is actively having conversations with locals.

Areas Where They Help Real Estate Professionals

We are able to help top-tier real estate agents throughout the United States.

Services We Specialize In

Certifications We Have

Digital Marketer Certified Partner, Showcase IDX Partner


Languages We Speak


Budgets We Work With

  • $0 – 2,500

We have worked with client budgets from as low as $99/month