Integrated Real Estate CRM Tools

Gain insights into your clients, prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks with automated follow-ups, and effortlessly manage your team. It’s included with our WordPress IDX plugin, and you can start using it right now.

Premium Integrations

Need an enterprise CRM for your team? We have direct integrations LionDesk, Follow Up Boss, and others. Use Showcase IDX to lead generation tools to capture and automatically sync your contact information.

Social enrichment in CRM

Here's why you'll love Showcase IDX's CRM Tools

Learn in Minutes, Not Months

Get a tool that adapts to your process, won’t slow down sales and doesn’t need IT. Our free CRM is easy to learn and a breeze to customize, so you can focus on relationships. Keep reading to learn more of what our CRM tools can do for your business – and it’s included with your IDX plugin.

Automate the Boring Stuff

Say goodbye to tedious emails with new listings, hotsheet updates, and assigning leads manually to your team. Our CRM tools automate tasks with your personalized touches and connect with the tools you already use, so staying organized is effortless.

Join a Community of Agents

Exclusive access to our group of real estate agents, brokers, industry insiders, & experts collaborating together to create the best systems for maximizing lead generation and conversion, sharing tips and techniques to grow your business.

Build meaningful relationships

You need tools that let you connect with your clients, not simply check the box. Let our team give you a complete consumer engagement experience that’s convenient for you

Turn customers into advocates

Happy customers not only stay with you, they also promote your product or service to others. Showcase IDX provides the foundation for managing relationships and delivering customer happiness at scale.

Gain unprecedented client visibility

Track every interaction every client has on your site, and understand more about their real needs and desires so you can better serve them

Turn conversations into closings

When clients receive modern search and engagement experiences, they get a better overall experience and agents can make the most of every opportunity.

Manage Your Business

Never miss an opportunity due to traffic or being tied up with a showing. Showcase IDX’s CRM Tools work seamlessly with our IDX solution 24/7.

CRM tools built for real estate pros

You know real estate, and we know real estate technology plus the marketing technology that’s powered billions of consumer touchpoints. Relax! We’re here for you.

Manage your lead routing

Capture more leads, unlock enriched data on your contacts, assign them to team members, and make sure a lead never slips through the cracks.

Empower your team

Level the playing field. Find out how we power thousands of the fastest growing real estate teams in the country.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Showcase IDX was created to help individual agents and teams level the playing field. Stop Competing and Start Winning.

Incomparable Property Listing Page Features

Website Integration

Our CRM is connected to your website, so it knows what your clients are searching for, viewing, and their reactions to different properties.

Social Media Enrichment

Showcase IDX’s CRM tools automatically search for your leads online and pull in useful social media profile details, giving you unique insights.

Real-Time Updates

Why should you rearrange your schedule? No other IDX comes remotely close to the flexibility, reliability, and timeliness.

Central Dashboard

Increase productivity by organizing everything in a centralized platform, with all of your client data in one place. Easily manage multiple websites.

Client Specific Searches

Build a custom property search for each client and setup email alerts to notify them of new listings that meet their needs.

Contact Notes

Add details and notes on each of your clients and leads. You’ll remember the details on clients’ needs that set you apart.

User Behavior Tracking

Know moods, not just numbers. We keep it really simple for you to see information on your client’s property search, including reactions to individual properties from them and their friends.

Lead Forms

Easily customize your lead forms to collect the information that will help you quickly start the relationship with each signup.

Auto Responders & Drip Marketing

Never lose touch with a client. Use our personalized marketing automation engine to follow up with clients when they sign up and automatically send them the latest properties that meet their needs.

Calls to Action

Increase lead capture by 57% with prominent calls-to-action throughout your website and the search experience.

Lead Routing

Work across teams, assign responsibility, and easily export data to share. Automate to match your needs with the ability to override automated lead routing by lead type/source.

Round Robin

Customize round robin roster per website, and make sure the listing agent always receives leads from their listing.

Lead Messaging

See your new and existing leads and message them quickly, right from the CRM dashboard.

Multiple Website Support

Full user and lead distribution management for one or multiple websites.

Powerful Integrations

Your IDX needs to work with the other online tools you use to manage your business and leads. Showcase IDX built a seamless way to send leads and their activities to your CRM and other services.

Add Showcase IDX to your website

Add the leading IDX WordPress plugin to your website. Installation in less than five minutes after MLS approval.

Find Custom WordPress Website Developers

Showcase IDX doesn’t build the best real estate websites, we power them… Here are the best developers in North America.

Need to connect leads your CRM? We've got you covered

Showcase IDX has put a lot of time and effort into building the best way that you can send leads and their activities to your CRM and other services. No other IDX comes remotely close to the flexibility, reliability, and timeliness. Setup takes less than 3 minutes.

Send Lead Data in Real-Time

Real-time Premium Integrations with CRM’s like Follow Up Boss and LionDesk, and messaging platforms like Slack. Learn More

Share Lead Data with 1000+ Apps

Integrations through Zapier give you access to share lead data with over 750 of the top online services from Mailchimp to Google Sheets to Salesforce. Learn More

Choose The Data You Send Where

The data you send is fully customizable by account, website, or individual user; and by what data points you want to send.

Get started with Showcase IDX

Join the ranks of thousands of leading agents and brokers and see what Showcase IDX can do for your business.