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New Facebook Sharing Features

  We know how important Facebook sharing is. So, we’ve updated the way we handle sharing searches on Facebook, from a very generic format with a really long and ugly link to a brand new design that focuses on the area of the search and the criteria being searched. We want to thank all the customers who gave input into building…
 - 02/14/2018

New MLS Alert: Triangle MLS

  We’re very excited to announce that Showcase IDX is available to Triangle MLS members. This covers the entire Research Triangle region of North Carolina and the four Triangle counties: Durham, Orange, Johnston, and Wake. Triangle MLS members can get started anytime with a 30-day free trial.    
 - 01/29/2018

New Feature Alert! Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking

  Less than a week after announcing our Google Analytics event tracking features, we’re very excited to be announcing our new integration with Facebook Pixel. Facebook advertising has quickly become one of the most popular forms of real estate consumer advertising, with its ability to target audiences and create traffic at a reasonable cost. Having Facebook pixel integration in Showcase…
 - 01/17/2018

New Feature Alert: Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

  Showcase IDX has just released automated Google Analytics tracking that will allow you to track all the lead conversions on your website through Google Analytics events. This has already been deployed behind the scenes and your site will be triggering these events whenever there is a qualifying lead event like when a message is sent, a call-to-action is made…
 - 01/12/2018

Scheduled Maintenance – Tuesday January 9, 2018

    Showcase IDX will have a scheduled maintenance period on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, from 11 pm EST for approximately 2-4 hours. During this time Showcase IDX 3.0+ will be inaccessible and will not work on our customer websites. We sincerely apologize for the impact that this may have on our customer’s websites during this time, but it is…
 - 01/08/2018

Success Stories –

  “We typically rank well for community pages and lifestyle pages but one term I have never been able to get for top 10 google result for is the crown jewel of terms… “Sarasota real estate”.  In Google, I see we now rank 7th currently for “Sarasota real estate”. This is really interesting because it is the IDX search page…
 - 01/05/2018

New Performance Improvements

  We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of Showcase IDX on your site. In the past few weeks, we’ve continued working on improving the way that Showcase IDX works with your server and WordPress installation. We’re very happy to announce another round of improvements that should dramatically improve the page-load times on your site on pages that…
 - 12/21/2017

Scott Lockhart Named A Featured Speaker At Inman Connect NY 2018

We’re very excited that Showcase IDX’s CEO, Scott Lockhart, will be a featured speaker at Inman Connect in New York City coming up in January 2018. Inman Connect is the preeminent real estate technology conference that promotes the intersection of technology and business sides of the real estate industries. If you are going to be at Inman Connect, please let…
 - 12/19/2017

New Premium Integration: LionDesk CRM

  Big news today, Showcase IDX is launching a new Premium Integration with LionDesk. The integration with the LionDesk CRM lets Showcase IDX users on our premium plan connect their lead activity to their CRM in real-time. Our customers will be able to set up an integration in a couple of minutes that not only shares the lead information (name, email, phone), but…
 - 12/12/2017

Introducing Premium Lead API Integrations

  Today, Showcase IDX is launching its new Premium Integrations platform. Premium Integrations let Showcase IDX users on our premium plan connect lead activity data in real-time to outside services, like CRMs and Messaging platforms. We’re looking to give our customers the ability to set up an integration in a couple of minutes that not only shares the lead information (name,…
 - 12/04/2017

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