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Settings Change: # of Results and Pricing Options Now On All Plans

Until now, the ability to set the number of results displayed in the search was restricted to the premium plan. This feature is now available on all plans. We have also opened up the ability to choose the pricing dropdown option to all plans as well.

In looking at it, we just didn’t think those options were the best things to have on the premium plan and were hurting us and our customers more than helping add value to the premium plan/Showcase IDX.

 - 05/09/2018

Rebeginnings… A Brand New Showcase IDX Blog

This an entirely new blog for Showcase IDX… and it’s not really been our choice. There was a catastrophic failure at our WordPress website host which caused us to lose our website… and all our off-site backups in another cruel twist of fate. This only affected our website, not the Showcase IDX product which is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. That hasn’t gone down and is rock solid (and backed up with multiple redundancies).

After days of trying to get it back, it was clear that it had gone to the website graveyard in the sky. We weren’t getting it back. So welcome to our new website. We lost about 6 years of blog posts, pages, images, and effort. But we’re putting a silver lining on this even though it’s fair to say it’s been a shitty week.

Our new server and host is much better than the last one… we’re backed up in multiple places and now we get to redo all our content. Expect new blog content coming online every week.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll continue to flesh out the remaining parts of the website. If you have questions, please contact us at or give us a call at 1-800-478-0181.

– Scott

 - 05/04/2018

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