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The Ultimate IDX Zapier Integration Guide - CRM integrations
This guide will walk you through how to set up processes and automate parts of your marketing to let you double or triple your business with less effort. As a real estate agent, your time is valuable and following up with leads is critical to success. You’re using Showcase IDX as the hub to your marketing because it’s one of the best real estate tools available and the only home search consistently chosen over Zillow, but chances are you’re using other tools or copying and pasting client information to help you close a deal. Let’s show you how you can spend a little time and use a free tool called Zapier to connect your IDX and website to give you an INSANE ROI and help you over the long-term. Already familiar with Zapier? Scroll down to find 60+ ways to automate your marketing including 1) our featured integrations 2) ways…
Guide to successful real estate websites
Successful real estate websites must meet consumers’ expectations and help drive your business. In this article, we’ll walk through the features that our 24 most successful customers are using to grow their businesses in 2020. Successful real estate website features covered in this guide Number of real estate websitesHotsheets and Community PagesShowcase Plan: Premium or EssentialsSuccess with zero registration locksPrompting for registration on listing views and search resultsRequiring registration to see premium listing dataCombining hard and soft locksStreamlined versus advanced search typesMap style for home searchNo budget or shared hostingOff-the-shelf WordPress themes Download as an ebook now Take the free course and track your progress What your real estate website must do Great first impressions and a modern home search are a must to generate leads and grow your business. The best real estate websites strike a perfect balance in function and form, making consumers feel like they’ve come to…
The Future of Home Buying
Years ago, we all kept paper maps in our cars, then came early (expensive) navigations systems, followed by sites like Mapquest where you could print out specific sets of routing directions. Garmin quickly came out with lower-cost personal navigation systems, and now, we all have Waze on our smartphones and can easily embed Google Maps or Mapbox on any website. As discussed at the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Fall 2019 conference, real estate has come a long way from the paper catalogs used years ago. Keep reading to see the behind the scenes at the industry conference, and learn how new tools are changing how to search for a home for both consumers and Realtors. Large real estate portals selling consumer information Zillow and Trulia earned more than $1,333,600,000 (yes, $1.3 billion) in revenues in 2018 with the majority of that revenue coming from selling consumer contact and budget…
List of MLS in Real Estate
Welcome to the complete list of MLSs in the United States. Save/pin/bookmark this list to have easy access to the most complete and update list of MLSs in real estate. Understanding the MLS landscape is a complex task. This list and short article gives you a big-picture of the MLSs in the United States and how they serve consumers, real estate agents, and brokerages with listings and other services. If we have forgotten your MLS or you know of an upcoming name change/merger, please leave us a note in the comments. What is MLS in Real Estate? Is there a single definition? Yes but if you’re not intimately familiar with MLSs outside of your local real estate market, these two will give you a better understanding. An MLS is much more than a database of listings and the software used to access it. Each MLS is unique with their own…
What are the largest MLSs in the United States? The table gives you the most updated list, as well as links to their homepages, and their Membership numbers. Share this:LinkedInTwitterFacebookPinterestRedditEmail

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