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I'm a big believer in a high-quality realtor and I endorse realtors for that reason. High-quality real estate agents all over America. -Dave Ramsey
Real estate is never easy. There are late nights, early morning, no weekends, and infrequent vacations…but the payoff is that you get to help people through one of the biggest decisions in their lives and make their dreams come true. You deserve at least five minutes to feel inspired and laugh. Don’t you? I hope that this list of deservedly famous real estate quotes will give you the break you need to recharge today. Happy reading! Follow for real estate tips and tactics:
Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard
If you’d like to see some incredibly terrible property photos and others that will make you question “why?”, the list of funny fails below will provide you with an answer and a few laughs. Scroll down and let us know which is your favorite in the comments. Follow for real estate tips and tactics:
GDPR and Its Effect on the US Real Estate Industry
GDPR applies to any agent, broker or real estate marketing pro that works with European citizens. The upcoming California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) will be closer to home and affect agents and brokers more directly. While there is a “stick” in the law, there is a huge opportunity for Realtors and brokers that successfully meet consumer’s needs and desire for privacy. Listen to the discussion for more details. Follow for real estate tips and tactics:
We’re happy to announce that we have just released a new version of the lead contact detail page in our agent admin dashboard. This page gives Showcase IDX customers all the details about their IDX activity your website and where your leads are searching. Follow for real estate tips and tactics:

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