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    See if your question may already be answered in Chat with us real-time during (EST) business hours by clicking the chat icon in your Admin Dashboard. If easier is easier for you, please send us an email at Join our next Live Demo and Q&A session with our Customer Success. We like using the phone! Give us a call at 1-800-478-0181 and one of our team members will be happy to answer any of your questions too.

    Support that believes in customer success, not just "checking boxes"


    Love the Simplicity of Use of Showcase IDX

    I switched from IDX Broker because I liked the look of the results and wanted to move away from a sub domain. Creating hotsheets is quick and easy and adding to MY pages and post is as simple as a shortcode. No need to create separate pages and more SEO.

    Even though I do not force sign up and never have, I get more voluntary sign ups than I did with old provider. I think that speaks for itself.

    Support is very good, they have only missed a couple of things and that's usually because they are constantly working on improving their product. If I don't get a response, all I do is call and they get right on it.

    Presentation, easy of use, they do a Facebook live session almost every week and some of the members are willing to pitch and and help as well. We have some geeks in the group.

    Corinne Guest , Broker Owner

    You can't go wrong with Showcase IDX

    If you're looking for a personal, trustworthy WordPress IDX provider, you can't go wrong with Showcase IDX!

    They have vision, people who care & top notch support! Thank u for making my day by working with me on my problem... I know that you have my back.


    Know what home buyers are looking for

    As a developer of real estate websites, I use several different IDX solutions for my clients. So when it came time to choose the IDX for my own real estate business website, it was a challenge. I selected Showcase IDX. Initially I chose Showcase IDX because it was responsive, and offered both of my MLS feeds, along with quick integration.

    I stayed with Showcase IDX because their service is great, and they listen!

    Showcase IDX is aware of what home buyers are looking for when they search online, and they have integrated these features. I can quickly create neighborhood, school and other specialty pages to address the needs of my market. With so many IDX options, it can be overwhelming to make a selection. But choosing Showcase IDX was easy, and so is using it!

    Marna Friedman , Real Estate Agent

    What I have been looking for all along.

    This is my 3rd IDX, I have used both Diverse Solutions and IhomeFinder. Neither delivered what I wanted: a simple but awesome user experience that looked great, was easy to use, SEO friendly and fast .

    I found Showcase IDX after lots of research. It met my expectations, and then some. The quality of the search compares with the major real estate portal sites. Since switching to Showcase, my bounce rate is down 20%, time spent on my site has doubled, and most importantly I am getting 4x more registrations on my site. Those results speak for themselves.

    Clients and leads love the home search. It is sleek, very user-friendly and has great mapping features. They can easily ask you as the agent a question from a listing. They can even add friends and family to their search, which makes your site sticky. Go for the premium content, users love to see the extra charts and data!

    Showcase IDX has the others beat. Competition for consumers' attention is intense. If you do not have the right IDX, people will immediately go to a different site. I find more web traffic returning to my site when I switched to Showcase IDX. They also are always making improvements to make sure that they stay ahead of the curve.

    Showcase IDX has great support. I always use the chat feature online, and I am able to talk to a staff member every time that has answers to my questions within minutes.


    Showcase IDX Support Team Rocks

    Showcase IDX is a great tool for your real estate website- sleek, professional, easy to use- but where they really shine is in their customer service. Tiffany in particular was a great partner in launching our site and we can't say enough about how valuable her assistance was.

    Our site is brand new, so we don't have a lot of client feedback to date.

    Showcase IDX has a streamlined interface and easy to navigate features that don't clutter our website or lock us into particular themes. I especially appreciate the customizable buttons and text.

    I have been most impressed with the support team at Showcase IDX. Without their help, and in particular, Tiffany Soucy, our website would not have launched on time. She was a great problem solver, and worked tirelessly with our web developer to resolve our display issues and successfully roll out our new site.


    Customer Success Team Rocks

    Tiffany’s customer support was amazing. She stayed late on a Friday just to get me going on my trial for the weekend. Blew my expectations for a chat support away. Thank you!!!!

    Eric Watson , Owner/Broker

    The best IDX solution ever created and it keeps getting better!

    First, Yes – I’m a Realtor! I have experimented with too many IDX playgrounds!

    Finally, ShowcaseIDX blows the doors off, the roof off, knocks the ball out of the park!

    Staff is amazing, communication is fast and on point. I’m thrilled to be in my industry all over again with ShowcaseIDX and they just keep on rolling out improvements that make them not the top choice, but the only choice in my opinion.

    Luke Amoresano , Realtor

    Showcase IDX brings the leads!

    A large amount of business is generated through our website presence, which has been a 15+ year ongoing project. Content creation is crucial to drive new organic traffic to the website, and delivering a valuable experience for our online visitors is paramount to me. At the end of the day though, if the IDX is not a rock-solid experience for our visitors, we won't get leads we need. I am very happy to say Showcase IDX delivers the leads! I am often told by prospects and clients that our website is their favorite in town.

    That makes me proud of the work that was put into it, and gives me the confidence that our search technology is exceeding our online visitors' expectations. Showcase IDX offers features not found in any other IDX. I always look forward to new product offerings, and can't wait to see what is next to allow us to shine online!

    I have reached out to support several times, and have always had a good experience with Support requests.

    Bill McCue , Broker Associate

    The Best All-Around IDX For Realtors Wanting Results

    We were previously using another IDX for our client sites. As a digital agency focused on measurable results, we were frustrated with the limitations we had. We started researching alternatives and thank god we found Showcase IDX.

    We believe every Real Estate Agency has unique needs depending on their geographic market, agency size, competitors and budget. Therefore, we shy away from "cookie-cutter" sites and marketing plans and try to provide customizable and scalable solutions. Showcase IDX acts as the foundation of our sites and campaigns. The ease of "Hotsheet" shortcodes and "Customized Searches" allows us to quickly scale and build out landing pages integral to our marketing campaigns. The layout of the property detail page is designed in a way that is conversion-centric. The layout is user-friendly with well placed call-to-action buttons.

    Although we haven't evaluated every single IDX out there, we looked at a lot of options. Once we discovered Showcase IDX and communicated with their team, we knew we did not need to look further. It aligns with our ethos of providing a great user experience to the end-users.

    The team at Showcase IDX have been very great. Fortunately, we have not needed much support. Their interface is very easy to implement and use. When we have needed help, they've been very quick to respond and answer our questions. Kurt has also been amazing with providing us with industry insights so that we can provide even more value to the Realtors we work with.


    Great technical support.

    Great technical support. So far I've worked with Paolo and Tiffany who have been very responsive. They have been able to help troubleshoot as well as answer questions about how to easily get set up. Thanks!

    Brian Truong , Marketing

    Best IDX plugin by far!

    As a developer with many years of using different IDX’s (Diverse Solutions, iHomefinder, etc.), I have to say Showcase IDX is by far my favorite and it is now the only IDX I recommend to my clients.

    Not only is it super easy to use, but the IDX is powerful and functions exactly how my clients need it.

    Visually, it is stunning and so much better than the other IDX’s. To top it off, customer service is top notch… I get most of my responses the same day! If you are looking for an IDX, I highly recommend Showcase.

    Sinoun Chea , Owner @ ShiftWeb Solutions


    Andi, Who has been helping me through out the process, has been a great asset. who walked me through even tough I was traveling over seas with limited access to internet. IDX is easy for me and my business as it makes not only my agent but my customers for them to navigate through website and provide needed information related to Real Estates.

    Excellent. Although it is still in process of just at the introduction stage. I have has positive comments and reaction towards the website ability to navigate through.

    Showcase IDX hold its position very well compare to competition. The reason I went with Showcase IDX rather than other competition is that the support of any issues or concerns that arises through IDX is addressed right away and able to talk to instructor rather then VOI.

    Very well, As I mentioned above Andi, who I have been working through has shown great effort to make the process with IDX for my business as smooth as possible. and, as Real estate Agent/Broker we appreciate her help.

    Anil Merai , Real estate Broker/Owner


    Showcase has always been easy to use even for a beginner starting their own website. Building website pages and including specific hotsheets and shortcode widgets has never been easier. I use the shared search functionality to gather the list of homes and email or text the client a link of homes we will be previewing throughout the day. Showcase is so much cleaner than just using our own MLS systems.

    Clients always comment on the ease of use and the ability to quickly send a message, schedule an appointment or share a search. The photos and how they are displayed has also been a huge draw for potential clients, far superior than the competition. Since switching to Showcase registrations and customer interaction has increased tremendously.

    Plus, the support team has been great. They will respond to issues small or large with no hesitation.


    Powering the ultimate real estate agent technology stack

    As a real estate broker who really leans into tech to help my agents level up further faster, I love the fast page load times of Showcase IDX, the super modern, clean, and simple design right out of the box, and the intuitive mobile responsiveness and solid SEO fundamentals built right into the platform.

    When creating a tech stack for my brokerage, it was important to continue to benefit from the power, control, and flexibility a WordPress-centric approach offers. While proprietary closed all-in-one solutions might look appealing on paper, I believe a best-of-breed approach is fundamental to the success of my brokerage, and there’s great alignment with Showcase IDX on this.

    We all want to work with a “specialist”. In real estate, that means working with a hyper-local expert. Showcase IDX has allowed Stuart St James at the corporate website level, as well as the individual agent website level, to really niche down and demonstrate expertise in hyper-local markets, be that geography, property type, or very specific property features, and that is attractive to real estate buyers and sellers. Also, given I really have two clients as a broker, both consumers and agents, Showcase IDX has similarly allowed me to put together some compelling first-of-its-kind tactics to drive extremely targeted leads for my agents - neat stuff that other brokerages aren’t really doing (yet).

    I did exhaustive due diligence on real estate marketing technology providers ahead of standardizing on the partners in the Stuart St James real estate agent technology stack. Showcase IDX is the clear standout. Not only is the technology solid, modern, clean, and responsive, I consider Showcase IDX to be a “partner”, not a vendor, there’s a big difference in my book.

    Working with Showcase IDX support has been great. They know the product really well and want to help you get the most out of it - Showcase IDX support has gone out of their way on several occasions to help me do just that! In the spirit of a partnership, support is open to constructive product feedback and wants to collaborate on new product enhancements that speak to my specific and unique use cases.


    An easy decision for real estate agents

    Showcase IDX provides a user-friendly search & powerful lead generation tools that seamlessly integrate into your website. For agents wanting a state-of-the-art real estate website that adds REAL VALUE for people in their community, Showcase IDX is an easy decision.

    Showcase IDX's clean, modern, and user-friendly search is unmatched with other IDX plugins.

    Nothing less than 5 STARS working with the support team at Showcase IDX.


    Best WordPress IDX, period.

    I can’t say enough good things about Showcase IDX (which I believe to be the best available WordPress IDX).

    Simple to use (i.e. low bounce rates and high user engagement), great mapping with polygon search, search by schools, fantastic mobile responsive functionality, ‘login with facebook’, ultra-fast, MLS updates every 10 minutes or less.. and they are always adding or updating functionalities.

    Bugs are relatively non-existent, and their support is absolute top tier. Solid product and a solid team behind it. My life is exceptionally better because ShowcaseIDX exists, and I mean that.

    Nelson Cuesta , Owner at AgentFire

    Showcase IDX - The Industry Standard IDX Solution

    Showcase IDX is leading the way in the world of WordPress IDX solutions. The design of the product is fantastic and converts website leads at a high level. The team at Showcase IDX is very agile, working directly with its customers to create fantastic new features that real estate pros need!

    Clients love utilizing the Showcase IDX product. The social share functionality is amazing- being able to share their search with family members, creating a short list of favorites with just a few clicks as well as many more industry-leading features makes it a breeze to use. The Showcase IDX backend is very intuitive for even those who are not tech savvy. All the information about a client's search is there for you - utilizing this information will help you understand what your client is looking for more efficiently, and in turn, help you to close more deals!

    Showcase IDX support is great - the support staff is very accessible. Chat responses are fast and my inquiries are always fulfilled quickly.

    Showcase IDX is leading the industry with original features not found in any other product, a beautiful design that makes our websites look fantastic, and most importantly - a wonderful team who are truly passionate about what they do; helping their clients scale their business online with cutting-edge real estate marketing tools.


    An IDX Feed That's Above The Rest!

    My web developer recommended another IDX vendor, with excellent reviews all over the web but when the search component of my site was unveiled, I was utterly disappointed. It was ridiculously bare bones. The other IDX vendor said that's what we receive based on the MLS data. My MLS said it was up to each IDX vendor to change the look/format of the feed and provide tools for consumers. Both answers did nothing to help me. In frustration, I started to call other IDX vendors on my own then I called Showcase IDX and spoke to Andi. She understood what I was looking for.

    My site is new but the feedback I'm receiving is fantastic. There's no need for clients to use Zillow or

    Showcase IDX is a better solution in regards to search rankings. I love the hot sheets and the simplicity to create "hot sheets" for different areas. Enough visits to a hot sheet page will help me in regards to "anytown" homes for sale as opposed to Orlando homes for sale.

    Their support has been fantastic and their availability has been top notch. My web developer is going to make them his first choice going forward as well.

    Wayne Unger , Realtor

    Best IDX Solution out there

    Showcase IDX provides an SEO friendly IDX solution. As a web development agency owner, it is very important for me, and my clients to deliver an SEO friendly solution. It delivers everything you would need for an IDX solution and more!

    My clients are realtors, they have a busy schedule. What's important to me is how their clients work with them through their websites. Showcase IDX helped me provide them with solutions that are simple and help provide them maximum conversion throughout their sales cycle.

    Before installing Showcase IDX the first time on a. clients website, I examined numerous solutions to be integrated with wordpress. I identified those solutions through the WordPress Repository, as well as examining HTML code on various websites for San Diego, CA realtors. And All I can tell you is that no solution even compares with what Showcase IDX offer. There is no way I would steer clients towards any other solution.

    I collaborated with a couple support team agents, their reactivity through Live Chat, Email and Phone was first class. I'm very thankful for the information they were able to provide me at the time I needed it.

    Charles Oreve , CEO @ The X Concept

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