Step-By-Step Instructional Videos To Help You Get The Most Out Of Showcase IDX

Get started quickly with our easy to follow videos that will show you the basics of getting Showcase IDX set up on your WordPress real estate website.

Getting Started & Set Up


Introduction to Showcase IDX

In 5 minutes we'll give you a walkthrough the highlights of what makes Showcase IDX special and what you can get out of it for your business.


Installing The Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin

Start right at the beginning by finding and installing the Showcase IDX plugin on your website and connecting it to your account.


Setup Your Basic Information

Configure your IDX's General Settings, including your logo, website title, display phone number, and display email address.


Updating Your Default Search Settings

Showcase IDX gives you a lot of ways to customize how your search looks and what listings it will search. Learn how to personalize the search for your market.


Change Your IDX's Colors And Fonts

Your IDX needs to fit into your website seamlessly, this video will show you how to you use our design settings to quickly adjust IDX colors and fonts.


Search Library Introduction

The Search Library lets you build saved searches that can be used and reused for embeddable hotsheets and recommended searches.


Creating Embeddable Hotsheets

Create fully customized neighborhood or location-based pages with search-engine-indexable Hotsheet listing results in multiple formats.


Customizing Your Emails

Showcase IDX gives you the ability to customize the email signatures and formatting of the most common system emails sent to leads.


Lead Registration Settings

We make it easy for you to enforce all types of lead generation strategies, whether you force registration by viewed properties, or restrict content.


Lead Routing Configuration

Showcase IDX makes it easy for you to choose which agents should be in a round robin lead pool for a website, or when it should be overidden.


Build Your Website With Shortcode Widgets

Showcase IDX has a range of shortcode widgets that let you easily extend the functionality of the IDX outside of the body of the main search.


Recommending Saved Searches and Listings

Set up broad or specific saved search email subscriptions for your leads and clients. We give you the most powerful IDX search tools available. 

Using Showcase IDX

man searching for home with MLS property search on ipad - calls

How Friends & Family Search Works

Learn how your clients can invite their family and friends to privately join their search on your website. Clients will not have to trade texts/emails with links on properties and risk having their perfect home fall through the cracks. You'll gain insights into other influencers and decision-makers for each opportunity.

Create A Search In Showcase IDX tutorial

Create A Saved Search in Showcase IDX

Learn how to recommend searches and listings. Learn how to set up and recommended search subscriptions to buyers.

Premium Integrations


Connect Showcase IDX to LionDesk CRM

Create a lead integration between Showcase IDX and LionDesk in less than 3 minutes. Send all your lead data and activity in real time.


Connect Showcase IDX to FollowUpBoss CRM

Create a lead integration between Showcase IDX and FollowUpBoss CRM in less than 3 minutes. Send all your lead data and activity in real time.


Connect Showcase IDX to Slack

Create a lead integration between Showcase IDX and Slack in less than 3 minutes. Send all your lead data and activity in real time.

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