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AgentFire builds fully custom and semi-custom real estate websites, along with their own set of non-IDX lead-generation plugins to grow with you as your business grows.

Website DesignHosting | PPC | Content Creation

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The X Concept

The X Concept is a full service marketing agency based in San Diego, CA with proven experience in real estate website development, SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing.

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Known Digital Marketing

17+ years in real estate marketing and technology, Known Digital Marketing knows what you need to grow your business this year. Starting at $76.95 per month.

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Affordable, professionally-built websites with content thats is mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and provide all the right tools to maximize their website’s performance.

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4rd Marketing

Founded by a former agent that generated 80% of his business online, Joshua wanted to create a simple and affordable solution for agents that could scale with them as they grow. 

Website Design | Content Creation | CRM Implementation | SEO

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Marlin Consulting Solutions

Over 100,000 Leads Generated. 16 Digital Experts. 242 #1 Google Ranked Keywords. 300+ Happy Clients. Video testimonials of how we help. 

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Warm Media

Warm Media is a creative web development and marketing studio that specializes in developing clean and modern websites using the latest technologies.

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28 South Creative

More nimble, efficient, and affordable than our peers while providing a higher quality end-product. We've worked with real estate professionals for years.

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Wayne Stratton

Digital solutions made fresh in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lead generation, design and development, SEO, and digital marketing for leading agents and teams.

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What the best web developers think about Showcase IDX


Best IDX Solution out there

Showcase IDX provides an SEO friendly IDX solution. As a web development agency owner, it is very important for me, and my clients to deliver an SEO friendly solution. It delivers everything you would need for an IDX solution and more!

My clients are realtors, they have a busy schedule. What's important to me is how their clients work with them through their websites. Showcase IDX helped me provide them with solutions that are simple and help provide them maximum conversion throughout their sales cycle.

Before installing Showcase IDX the first time on a. clients website, I examined numerous solutions to be integrated with wordpress. I identified those solutions through the WordPress Repository, as well as examining HTML code on various websites for San Diego, CA realtors. And All I can tell you is that no solution even compares with what Showcase IDX offer. There is no way I would steer clients towards any other solution.

I collaborated with a couple support team agents, their reactivity through Live Chat, Email and Phone was first class. I'm very thankful for the information they were able to provide me at the time I needed it.

Charles Oreve , CEO @ The X Concept

Best IDX plugin by far!

As a developer with many years of using different IDX’s (Diverse Solutions, iHomefinder, etc.), I have to say Showcase IDX is by far my favorite and it is now the only IDX I recommend to my clients.

Not only is it super easy to use, but the IDX is powerful and functions exactly how my clients need it.

Visually, it is stunning and so much better than the other IDX’s. To top it off, customer service is top notch… I get most of my responses the same day! If you are looking for an IDX, I highly recommend Showcase.

Sinoun Chea , Owner @ ShiftWeb Solutions

The Best All-Around IDX For Realtors Wanting Results

We were previously using another IDX for our client sites. As a digital agency focused on measurable results, we were frustrated with the limitations we had. We started researching alternatives and thank god we found Showcase IDX.

We believe every Real Estate Agency has unique needs depending on their geographic market, agency size, competitors and budget. Therefore, we shy away from "cookie-cutter" sites and marketing plans and try to provide customizable and scalable solutions. Showcase IDX acts as the foundation of our sites and campaigns. The ease of "Hotsheet" shortcodes and "Customized Searches" allows us to quickly scale and build out landing pages integral to our marketing campaigns. The layout of the property detail page is designed in a way that is conversion-centric. The layout is user-friendly with well placed call-to-action buttons.

Although we haven't evaluated every single IDX out there, we looked at a lot of options. Once we discovered Showcase IDX and communicated with their team, we knew we did not need to look further. It aligns with our ethos of providing a great user experience to the end-users.

The team at Showcase IDX have been very great. Fortunately, we have not needed much support. Their interface is very easy to implement and use. When we have needed help, they've been very quick to respond and answer our questions. Kurt has also been amazing with providing us with industry insights so that we can provide even more value to the Realtors we work with.


Showcase IDX - The Industry Standard IDX Solution

Showcase IDX is leading the way in the world of WordPress IDX solutions. The design of the product is fantastic and converts website leads at a high level. The team at Showcase IDX is very agile, working directly with its customers to create fantastic new features that real estate pros need!

Clients love utilizing the Showcase IDX product. The social share functionality is amazing- being able to share their search with family members, creating a short list of favorites with just a few clicks as well as many more industry-leading features makes it a breeze to use. The Showcase IDX backend is very intuitive for even those who are not tech savvy. All the information about a client's search is there for you - utilizing this information will help you understand what your client is looking for more efficiently, and in turn, help you to close more deals!

Showcase IDX support is great - the support staff is very accessible. Chat responses are fast and my inquiries are always fulfilled quickly.

Showcase IDX is leading the industry with original features not found in any other product, a beautiful design that makes our websites look fantastic, and most importantly - a wonderful team who are truly passionate about what they do; helping their clients scale their business online with cutting-edge real estate marketing tools.


Showcase IDX all day everyday!

From a developer standpoint it's incredibly easy to setup, and we're wholly confident recommending it to our clients. It's great to offer a solution we know our clients will love. More importantly, we know the Showcase IDX team will continue improving their platform and staying on the bleeding edge. That is rare in an industry like real estate that's notoriously slow to embrace change.

I think they're by far the best IDX solution out there. Forward thinking, always improving, with a clear focus on the interface - one of the major areas other providers fail. Making sure the application is user-friendly is paramount to success in this space. They were also one of the first to fully embrace WordPress and make listings indexable. It feels like everyone else is still playing catch-up all these years later.

Excellent! The team has been very responsive and helpful the few times I've had to reach out.

James Gillentine , Approved Developer

Your retention rate will be much higher

No subdomains or Iframes is probably my favorite feature, but at the end of the day it's about Results. Showcase IDX is the closest thing you're going to get to a custom coded IDX solution for your website. I like that it just flat out works for agents.

I think the biggest thing is how "sticky" their site becomes. Almost any site can generate leads but those same leads keep searching, with Showcase IDX, the retention rate is much higher.

What competition? Seriously, Idxbroker forces you to use subdomains and somewhat wacky javascript "injections" that break the continuity of the site. Zillow owned Dsidxpress was promising years (many years) ago but haven't innovated off their first iteration. ihomefinder is clunky and has poor conversion rates and styling. When I talk to clients about Showcase IDX it's either Showcase or another more custom solution that is 10X the cost!

I've rarely had an issue where I needed support. That's a testament to how intuitive it is. The one time I needed support, I was answered promptly. Yes, I got treated as if I knew nothing and as a developer that annoys me, but the support team walked me through the ENTIRE process to get the problem solved. Thankfully my computer was on when they asked. 😉

Joshua Jarvis , Owner, 4rd Marketing

Best WordPress IDX, period.

I can’t say enough good things about Showcase IDX (which I believe to be the best available WordPress IDX).

Simple to use (i.e. low bounce rates and high user engagement), great mapping with polygon search, search by schools, fantastic mobile responsive functionality, ‘login with facebook’, ultra-fast, MLS updates every 10 minutes or less.. and they are always adding or updating functionalities.

Bugs are relatively non-existent, and their support is absolute top tier. Solid product and a solid team behind it. My life is exceptionally better because ShowcaseIDX exists, and I mean that.

Nelson Cuesta , Owner at AgentFire