Become a Showcase Partner, Earn Money As A Showcase Affiliate
Join the most lucrative IDX referral program in Real Estate. It’s pretty simple and you earn recurring revenue for the first 12 months of your referral being an active customer.  Join the cause and help redefine the online home-buying experience for consumers and create more hyper-local experts in Real Estate.

How It Works

Calculate Your Opportunity

This calculator is for estimation purposes only. Actual results may vary. Based on Showcase IDX Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPU).

At A Glance

  • Earn 10% on all revenue from the people you directly recommend
  • Earn 15% on all the revenue the customers your referred customers recommend!
  • You'll get commission on the first 12 months of each referral being an active Showcase IDX customer

  • Completely transparent financial reporting and dashboards available 24/7
  • No Support Obligations
  • Monthly payouts within 3 weeks of the end of the month
  • A great way for website developers to start working with Showcase IDX
  • Completely transparent referral agreement (Link)

The Most Lucrative IDX Referral Program in Real Estate

Two Referral Levels

Showcase IDX's referral program gives you 10% referral commission on the customers you refer and a massive 15% on the customers they refer.

Highest Commission %

With our two levels of referrals, you can earn an extra $1,600/yr if one of your referrals refers 10 customers.

12 Months of Commission

You will receive referral revenue on the first 12 months of the customer being active with Showcase IDX.

Get Started Fast

We approve applications within one business day, so you can start sharing your referral links and start building a network.

Reporting Dashboard

We are partnered with FirstPromoter, who will help provide full reporting that's integrated into our billing system.

Sign Up Discounts

When someone you recommend signs up, we'll be offering them a discount on their first full month as a sweetener.

Unique Tracking URLs

You will receive a unique tracking URL that will ensure that everyone that you send to will count.

60-Day Cookie Lifespan

When someone uses your unique referral URL, we store their cookie for 60 days, so you'll be fairly compensated.

Marketing Content To Share

You'll have access to a variety of marketing assets, ads, and pre-built social media posts to share to your network, if you want to.

Poaching Protection

We've put in as many protections as possible to ensure that your referrals count for you and not someone else.

No Support Obligation

We're not expecting you to support the customers you refer, we'll take care of all that.

No Hidden Surprises

We hate surprises, so we are very transparent about how this will work and every parties rights and responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click this link and fill out the form... It's quick and easy.

You'll get referral commission on all revenue generated by the customers that you recommend for each their first 12 monthly billing periods. You do not get commission on MLS Pass-Through Fees.

You'll get paid commission on your first referral within 21 days of the end of the month.

It doesn't cost anything to join the Agent Affiliate Program, however members of the program must be current Showcase IDX customers with accounts in good standing. Commission balances on delinquent accounts will not be paid out untli the account is in good standing.

You'll be paid on the 21st of the month on the previous month's earnings.

You will get paid out through PayPal. I PayPal account is required for membership in the Showcase IDX Affiliate Program.

It can be. We have a reseller program for website developers that are building 5+ sites and would like to handle tier 1 support for their clients. If you know you will be building 5 to 3,000 sites, we recommend our Reseller or IDX-as-a-Platform programs for people building real estate websites for agents, teams and brokers. If you are only building a few sites or would like us to handle support for the agents, this partner referral program is a great way to become a Showcaser. Leave feedback about our affiliate program at AffiliateProgram DB.

Want to resell Showcase IDX to your clients?

Are you an agency or web developer that wants earn more? Do you prefer to handle tier one support for your clients as part of how you support them? Already familiar to working with programs like ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot? Let's talk!