Create Beautiful Community Pages That Convert

One of the most valuable pages on your website can be location-based or property type landing pages. We give you the tools to make them awesome.

Easily Add Listings To Your WordPress Pages

Create unique community pages with Showcase IDX hotsheets and widgets.

Listing From Any Search

With hotsheets you can embed indexable search results into your WordPress pages from absolutely any search, along with agent-only search features like wildcard search for locations that have 17 variations in the MLS.

Full Results or Carousel

You can either display a specific number of results in a grid that looks like the search results, or put the results in a scrollable carousel, depending your page’s design.

Fully Customizable And Editable

Need to tweak your hotsheet? You can do this at any time in your agent admin. Want to duplicate a hotsheet? No problem. Want to recommend a hotsheet to a client in an email subscription? You can do that too.

Don't Look Like Everyone Else

Our approach doesn’t lock you into the same page layout as all our customers.

Responsive Widgets

Our shortcode widgets adapt to any container that you put them in on your website. This also means they are completely mobile-ready without any work on your end.

Live Map Widget

A lot of people want to add maps to their community pages, and with Showcase IDX you can add a map with live listing content that is linked to any saved search you want, along with even more display customizations.

Sign Up And Contact Forms

Want to create a landing (squeeze) page for some online advertising? Depending on your preferences you can use either a sign up or contact form shortcode to add lead capture calls to action to your page.

Seller Lead Generation

Showcase IDX comes complete with a “What’s my home worth?” widget that embeds a request form that gets the initial lead information you need to reach out to the lead to build them a relevant CMA.

Embed Indexable Listing Content With Hotsheets

Adding relevant listing content is an essential component of a good community page, it's a thousand times better when it's indexable by search engines.

Control Your Hotsheets

Showcase IDX gives you incredible control over how the embeddable search content displays on your website. From multiple display options to the ability to limit results, link to the full search results and include a map with the listings.

Agent and Office Filtering

Create agent and office featured listing hotsheets in a few clicks and seconds as part of creating a new hotsheet.

Search Anything In A Hotsheet

A hotsheet can be as broad or as detailed as you want it to be. You can even set the type of sorting the results will appear in for full control.