(Infographic) Step by Step Guide to Make the Perfect Coffee

Time to take a break from real estate marketing tips, courses, and guides.

Real estate runs on coffee. Black coffee, cream and sugar, or your favorite coffee drink. Here’s a fun little infographic about how to create the perfect coffee.

1) Put a coffee filter in the filter basket

One thing to be aware of is that if a cheaper filter is used it can cause clogging.

2) Measure out the coffee grounds

A good rule of thumb is for every 2 Tbsp of grounds for every 6 ounces you plan to brew.

3) Measure water, according to the amount of coffee grounds used

Pour water in the designated area of the coffee maker. Then place the pot back on the warming platform.

4) Make sure the coffee is completed brewed before taking a cup

If you take a cup before it is completely brewed can be a fairly strong cup. If you remove the coffee grounds too late, the pot will be too bitter due to flavors released later during the brewing process.

5) Enjoy your cup of coffee

Add any milk, flavored syrup or sugar to get the coffee tasting just right. If your coffee becomes too bitter because it has been sitting out for too long add a pinch of salt which has been said to remove the bitterness.

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