Real Estate Web Creation

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About Real Estate Web Creation

Real Estate Web Creation is a digital marketing agency that strategically uses content marketing and search engine optimization to maximize visibility in search results and drive more sales leads. If you’re looking for quality, creativity, and affordability in a digital marketing partnership, you’re in the right place.

Content Marketing

Coming up with unique, engaging content for your website is hard work and takes an extraordinary amount of time. But effective SEO starts with a content strategy that combines well-written content with basic optimization principles, and there’s nobody better at walking that fine line of writing for the user and writing for search engines than us!

Real Estate Websites

Our approach is to provide agents with a visually-stunning website that is different from what their competitors are using. And by combining high-quality photography with modern, user-friendly designs, we think our work presents clients with an incredibly unique website that gives you control, flexibility, and complete ownership of your brand online.

Real Estate SEO

SEO involves building a strong website infrastructure that leverages keywords, content, & on-page optimization. Effectively structuring your website’s navigation and page hierarchy is also important and can directly impact optimization, lead generation, and conversion. So whatever it is your website needs, we’re among the best at helping maximize its potential.

About Their Founder

Joe Heath Prior to starting Real Estate Web Creation, I worked for Hanley Wood in the Market Intelligence division. But now I proudly get to call myself a marketer, writer, researcher, advertiser, innovator, and creator. I’m also a dog-owner, baseball fan, and love calling Chicago home! Read more about my story below.

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We have worked with client budgets from as low as $300/month to $30,000/month