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Stuart St James

“Stuart St James was created to help real estate agent entrepreneurs”

Stuart St James (SSJ) helps entrepreneurial-minded real estate agents gain control and authority over their real estate businesses so they can (1) earn more commission income (2) work fewer hours and (3) spend more time with loved ones.

Unlike traditional real estate brokerages and their dated processes, tools, and shame-on-you commission splits, SSJ leverages modern technology and automation while offering no-nonsense 100% commission to its agents.

We have uniquely assembled a best-of-breed real estate agent technology stack, optionally available to agents to generate leads and create a hyper-local niche web presence - we’ve seen our agents 10x their real estate leads and reduce cost per lead by 71% in partnership with Showcase IDX.


You’re a Showcase IDX Certified Partner. Tell us what you like about building real estate websites with Showcase IDX?

We did exhaustive due diligence on real estate marketing technology providers ahead of standardizing on the partners in the Stuart St James real estate agent technology stack. Showcase IDX is a clear standout. Not only is the technology solid, modern, clean, and responsive, Showcase IDX is a true “partner” in helping to grow the real estate businesses of our agents in a meaningful way.

The fast page load times of Showcase IDX, its super modern, clean, and simple design right out of the box, and the intuitive mobile responsiveness and solid SEO fundamentals built right into the platform make it so easy for our agents to scale online the right way. When creating the Stuart St James tech stack, it was important to continue to benefit from the power, control, and flexibility a WordPress-centric approach offers, while proprietary closed all-in-one solutions might look appealing on paper, we believe a best-of-breed approach is fundamental to brokerage success, and Showcase IDX is at the center of that approach.

Do you have any success stories or testimonials from agents/brokers that you’ve worked with to build a site using Showcase IDX? Feel free to tell us about all the ways you helped them and helped their business, beyond SIDX. (optional)

We all want to work with a “specialist”. In real estate, that means working with a hyper-local expert. Showcase IDX has allowed Stuart St James at the corporate website level, as well as the individual agent website level, to really niche down and demonstrate expertise in hyper-local markets, be that geography, property type, or very specific property features, and that is attractive to real estate buyers and sellers. We have put together compelling first-of-its-kind tactics on-page using Showcase IDX and amplified those tactics with an off-page content creation strategy to drive extremely targeted leads for our agents - as a brokerage, when you put the agent first, some really neat things can happen!

About Their Founder

Hi, Darin Thompson here, Founder & CEO of Stuart St James.

I’ve focused a lot on technology and automation and how it can create leverage (and leads) for agents. From pioneering tech innovations as an agent by being the first-ever in Massachusetts to mashup condo developments with Google Maps in 2006 to creating first-of-its-kind agent tech stack packages and presenting the strategy as an independent brokerage owner and speaker at the 2021 Inman Connect conference, tech was one of the main drivers of the breakout year of 265% growth Stuart St James experienced in 2020. I’m beta-testing a first-of-its-kind all-digital “next-generation” rental platform that will bring massive simplicity and efficiency to rental transactions for agents, consumers, and landlords. Tech and automation will continue to be a differentiator for us.

It wasn’t until years after I started a residential real estate brokerage in Massachusetts that I realized “why“.

It’s so clearly explained by my personality type. I did the 16 Personalities Test (it’s free) and the insights it gave me about myself were incredibly accurate.

In case you’re wondering, I’m an “Advocate” (INFJ-A) personality type – people with this personality type tend to see helping others as their purpose in life. It’s been an honor to create a platform in Stuart St James as a brokerage that sincerely serves others and maximizes real estate agent take-home pay.

I genuinely believe 100% commission for real estate agents is more important than ever.

It’s been the combination of these things that cleared the way for me to assemble an undeniably compelling business opportunity for real estate agents in Stuart St James.

Areas Where They Help Real Estate Professionals

Massachusetts (coming soon to surrounding New England states and possibly beyond)

Services We Specialize In


Website Design

Website Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Video Production

Social Media

Content Creation

CRM Implementation

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Google Partner, Hubspot Academy Inbound Certified, CallRail Partner, Showcase IDX Partner

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