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About Us

Showcase IDX is proudly built and supported in Atlanta, GA

Scott - CEO

Scott is responsible for the day-to-day running of Showcase IDX. No ones wants Showcase IDX to be awesome more than him. He is also Australian and loves cricket.

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Tim - CTO

Tim has experience in just about every area of building online businesses and software. This little blurb doesn’t do him justice.

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Marie - Support Manager

Marie is our head of customer support and happiness. When you call, email or chat with us, you’re usually going to be chatting with Marie. Huge european soccer fan.

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Madeline - Customer Support

Madeline works with our customers to make sure they have everything they need to be successful with Showcase IDX. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Madeline helps us support our Spanish-speaking customers.

JD - Senior Developer

JD is simply a front-end development magician. He is devoted to making Showcase IDX the real estate search with the finest UX possible. He is also devoted to his family as well.

Dan - Support Engineer

Dan works with both our customer experience and development teams to make sure everything is running smoothly. Dan is a news junkie and a video-game nerd, and is always quick with a joke…ill-timed or otherwise.

Jantzen - Customer Support

Jantzen is a customer service machine. Okay, he isn’t an actual robot but he is a natural at helping people solve their problems. He works with new customers to make sure that they get a smooth and trouble-free start with Showcase IDX.

About the Company

Over 10 years in the business and going strong.

With over 10 years in providing real estate search websites, in 2012 we decided to take a different approach. One that focused just on the search for the rapidly expanding self-hosted WordPress market. To make this happen, founder Alan Pinstein hired Scott Lockhart to take the new IDX from concept to reality. Scott’s has deep real estate experience in consulting roles in the real estate and mortgage industries and most notably being the Chief Technology Officer of one of North America’s largest brokerages. He has worked alongside some of the Nation’s top agents, and understands the unique challenges that agents encounter every day… and that they more than anything want a search on their websites that makes them look good, works, and drives leads.

Alan and Scott have hired a team of people who are passionate about technology and about creating a search that you and your website users actually enjoy using. We know that we don’t have the biggest team, but in customer surveys we consistently rank better than our competition in service and product. What our size allows us to do is be nimble and make fast decisions. The caliber of every person on our team is exceptionally high. High enough that people often think we have 5 to 10 times the number of staff on hand. This being said, we are growing rapidly and adding new staff members often.

About our Technology

We’re working to build the fastest and most accurate search possible.

Showcase IDX uses a combination of the latest technologies to make sure that we create a search that not only works great today, but is built in such a way that makes it easy for us to keep on improving it. Our top goals when it comes to the search are speed and accuracy. The technologies we use include:

  • Clojure
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • PHP

What’s New at Showcase IDX

We’re continually adding and improving features… here’s our latest news

Scott Lockhart talks 3.0

We’re very excited about what we’re bringing to the table with 3.0. Here’s a quick video with Showcase IDX CEO, Scott Lockhart, where he talks about the motivation for 3.0 and the benefits that existing customers and those who sign up before May 30...

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3.0 Launching May 30, 2017.

On May 30, 2017, we’re launching Showcase IDX 3.0. Showcase IDX 3.0 is built for consumers, for agents, and for teams. It offers a familiar but powerful search, social searching, and never-before-seen tools that allow consumers to work with their family, friends, and realtor to organize, communicate and find their next home on desktop and mobile.

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Quick Rant… On Search Email Customization

We’re working on wrapping up search subscription settings and all the final consumer email templates right now for 3.0. For the life of me, I don’t see why anyone is going to want to mess with these templates too much. But folks will… we know that....

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