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Carpet Capital Association of Realtors

Carpet Capital Association of Realtors is a Dalton-based multiple listing service. CCAR educates and creates avenues for its members to research and share information among themselves including the communities covered by them.

The organization was founded in 1967 with the goal of protecting and preserving the rights of individuals to property according to the US constitution. Today, the company has continued growing with 263 agents and 445 active listings.

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More info about this area

The United States Office of Management and Budget designated Dalton as the Dalton, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is the 13th most populous metro area in the US state of Georgia and the 288th metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in the United States.

The state of Georgia was founded by James Edward Oglethorpe and named after George II of Great Britain, a former king of Britain and Ireland (1727 – 1760). Georgia is known for its rich cultural diversity. This has made people from all over the world to visit the state, thanks to the friendly and welcoming nature of Georgia residents.

Georgia highest point is Brasstown Bald, standing at a height of 4,784 ft (1,458 m), while the lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean Sea level. The state of Georgia weather condition is humid subtropical for the majority part of the state. Here are the state climate types based on the season, are as follows long hot and steamy summers; comfortable springs with autumn temperatures and mild winters.

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