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Houston Realtors Information Service

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Houston Realtors Information Service (HRIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR). HAR serves 36,000 real estate professionals in the Greater Houston area and is the second largest REALTORS® Association in the United States. HRIS strives to provide members with the quality information, leading technology, and professional training they need to be successful.

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  • Listings: approx. 51,385
  • Agents: approx. 42,082


Houston Realtors Information Service charges a fee to access the IDX data feed. Your share of the fee is $10 per month.

Associations Shown in Property Search

  • Houston Association of REALTORS®



Top Cities

Houston, TX, Katy, TX, Conroe, TX, Spring, TX, Richmond, TX, Humble, TX, Cypress, TX, Montgomery, TX, Galveston, TX, Tomball, TX, Baytown, TX, Magnolia, TX, Sugar Land, TX, Cleveland, TX, Huntsville, TX, The Woodlands, TX, Willis, TX, Missouri City, TX

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Helpful information about Houston Realtors Information Service for agents

What tools does the Houston Realtors Information Service have in place that can help an agent be more successful?

The Houston Realtors Information Service offers amazing tools designed to connect consumers with agents and brokers – see the extensive list of over 80 Tools & Services to REALTOR®/Pros & consumers here.

Does the Houston Realtors Information Service(HRIS) provide any training for the tools mentioned above?

Yes, by going to the HAR’s tools page, you will see an alphabetical list of the tools offered.

How does a new member go about being added to the MLS?

When completing the my HAR Online Application individuals will be asked if they want access to  ‘MLS Services’, if yes is checked they will be prompted to print out the MLS Application, these applications must be signed by the agent’s respective broker to be deemed complete.

What are the competitive advantages of the Houston Realtors Information Service when compared to other local or regional MLSs?

The Houston Realtors Information Service is “the largest individual membership trade association in Houston.”

How does your MLS stand out when it comes to serving and connecting with real estate professionals? 

The Houston Realtors Information Service has access to over 42,000 properties online and past property information for the past 6 years.
The HAR promotes the value of using a REALTOR and  supports the ‘protect REALTORS in Political and Governmental Affairs’ initiative.

What kind of local real estate trends, statistics, and information does the HAR provide to individual agents?

The HAR offers Market Metrics Analysis where they provide monthly data and reports. It shows inventory of single family homes, townhouses, and highrise condominiums. This information also shares annualized sales for each. 

What types of memberships does Houston Realtors Information Service offer?

The HAR offers Standard and Platinum membership options.

Does the HAR offer free continuing education (CE) classes? 

Yes. Here is a list of free courses offered by the Houston Realtors Information Service (HAR).

More Valuable Information on Houston Realtors Information Service

Houston, as defined by The Office of Management and Budget, is a part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as the Greater Houston MSA. Greater Houston is the second-most populous MSA in Texas, with a population of over 7 million and an area of 10,000 square miles. The principal city, Houston, is the largest economic and cultural center of the south. The highest point in Texas is Guadalupe Peak at 8,749 feet, and the lowest point is the Gulf of Mexico.

Houston is known as the most diverse metro area in Texas and the most racially and ethnically diverse metropolis in the United States. The melting pot city celebrates its diversity through several cultural institutions and exhibits, which bring millions of tourists to the area each year. Known as the economic center of the south, Houston’s economy is thriving. As the location of the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions, Houston is one of the leading U.S. cities in the healthcare sector. Houston also has the second-most Fortune 500 headquarters in the nation, right behind New York City.

Houston’s Theater District and downtown areas offer experiences as diverse as its population. The southern city is home to many annual festivals and events celebrating the cultural diversity in Houston, including the Bayou City Art Festival, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Houston Gay Pride Parade, and the Houston Auto Show. Houston was also coined one of “America’s Best Food Cities” by several major publications. Many traveling Broadway acts and touring musicians stop in Houston to perform in one of the many venues of the well renowned Theater District. Houston is home to 337 parks, several tourist destinations, and diverse cultural experiences, making it a place that has something for everyone.

The climate in Houston is on par with much of the Southern United States, making for humidity and long summers. The city’s summer high can rise to 93°F, while the winter low falls to 43°F. The humid climate allows for little to no snowfall and an average of 53 inches of rainfall per year.

Requirements for your IDX Solutions

Listing Data
IDX (or Broker Reciprocity) is a program that allows MLS Participants to display listings from other brokerages on their own agent and office websites. Simply put, the IDX program manages the listing search utilities on internet displays owned and operated by local agents and offices. The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) created IDX and gives each MLS a strict set of guidelines on participation in the program and the display of the listings. Showcase IDX provides the tools that your clients use to access the listings.

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Consumer Engagement Tools
These are how your clients interact with the data provided by your MLS through the IDX. We’ve built a remarkable set of consumer tools designed to engage your site’s visitors, quickly converting them to willing leads… because once they see the value of your website and its powerful tools they’ll value you as their trusted local advisor.

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