New Zapier Integration!

Are you one of the many agents constantly wondering “where did the time go?” You take a sip of your coffee and proceed to get some work done. What feels like it should take 15 minutes, in realization took you 2 or more hours.

Want to save hours of work and automatically subscribe your leads to your newsletter, add a new contact to your CRM, or any of thousands of other needed but mundane tasks like data migration or sending a follow up?

DID YOU KNOW Zapier can do this for you?

Allowing you to use that time to do so much more!

What Can Zapier Do?

This simple integration with your Showcase IDX account is one of the leading no-code software applications that can automate your processes, and it works with more than 3,000 apps!

Here are a few apps you can use to connect your Showcase IDX powered website with and create zaps for them: Google Suite, Follow Up Boss, LionDesk, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and many more…


This knowledge base article walks you through how to quickly set up Zapier and connect it to your Showcase IDX account…

How Can Zapier Help You As A Real Estate Agent?

Lead Management

Zapier can help you manage and stay in touch with your leads, triggers for automated emails, text messages and reminders to complete follow-ups or trigger the next step in drip campaigns through your CRM or email management system.

Cross Functionality

Zapier can help you design and automate many different workflows that are crucial to your daily operations, zapier integrations communicate across multiple apps.

Time Management

Zapier can help you and your team manage time effectively by reducing administrative tasks with automation.

Streamline your operations today, start doing more in less time with Zapier!

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