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Introducing Premium Lead API Integrations


Today, Showcase IDX is launching its new Premium Integrations platform. Premium Integrations let Showcase IDX users on our premium plan connect lead activity data in real-time to outside services, like CRMs and Messaging platforms. We’re looking to give our customers the ability to set up an integration in a couple of minutes that not only shares the lead information (name, email, phone), but also the lead’s activity on your site. This activity includes viewed listings, saved listings, messages, showing requests, and search subscriptions. We are giving the services every single bit of data that they will accept. We’re also working with these partners to send them even more valuable metadata in future versions.

You can find the new Integrations tabs in the account level menu for account administrators, or by clicking here.


Easy and Flexible

We had a few big goals going into building out our integrations platform:

  • We wanted updates to be as close to real-time as possible.
  • Integrations had to be easy enough to manage that someone with limited technical skill could do it.
  • The ability to be set at different levels of specificity for whose data to be sent and which elements in an integration.
  • The ability to integrate with more than just CRMs.
  • The ability to complete the set up of an integration in about 2-3 minutes.

We’ve been able to achieve all these goals, and more!


Real-Time Updates

All of our integration updates are sent in close to real-time as possible.


Easy Management

Our centralized management tools let you see all the available integrations, and which integrations are currently active on your account.




We wanted to make sure that right from the start you could quickly set up an integration that works with your workflow, not against it. You can set up any integration at the following levels:

  • Account – All of your lead activity for all users and websites will be sent.
  • Website – The lead activity for the selected website will be sent.
  • User – The lead activity for the leads assigned to only that agent will be sent. This allows you to set up leads for individual agents on your team and lets you choose different services for each team member if they use different tools.

In addition to setting up which leads get sent in one or two clicks, you can also set up which lead activity you want to send to the service on the other end. So, for something like Follow Up Boss, you might want to send everything. But for Slack, you may just want to send the initial lead notification and any messages, so they appear in seconds as push notifications on your phone.


Cross-Platform Support

We are starting out with Follow Up Boss and Slack, but plan to have 10 to 20 additional integrations done by January 31st, 2018. These will include Lion Desk, Contactually, Salesforce, InfusionSoft, Brivity Realvolve and pretty much all the other top CRMS, with a focus on the most used CRMs in the real estate industry. We will also be following up on our initial Slack integration with other non-CRM direct integrations with services like MailChimp and other popular tools as well.


Fast Setup

Maybe our biggest goal was to make it really easy for users to set up and manage… like, to be able to set up an integration in a couple of minutes WITH NO STRESS. I think we’ve done that. It just works. We’ve even got video instructions to make it even easier for you, like the one above for Follow Up Boss.


The First Integrations


Follow Up Boss is the most used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used by our customers, so we found it fitting to start with it. We’ve made it really easy for our customers to set up this integration. Zero technical knowledge is required to set up this integration. The integration with Follow Up Boss lets you send any combination of the following lead activity data:

  • New Leads
  • Messages
  • Saved Listings
  • Viewed Listings
  • Search Subscriptions



Slack is a messaging and communication app for teams, where teams can share information, files and stay organized. It’s the number one messaging platform for small, medium and large business in the world, and has a large following with some of the most productive and successful real estate teams. What this integration also allows our customers to do is to send new leads to Slack and get push notifications on their phone. These notifications will have links to the lead detail page in the Showcase IDX admin tools as well as a link to the listing detail page if the lead is an inquiry about a particular property.


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