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Beautiful IDX that converts

Use Showcase IDX on your site to engage your visitors, drive leads and look awesome.


MLS data refreshed every 10 minutes

In today’s competitive markets, you need the freshest, most accurate listing data on your website at all times. Showcase IDX updates all its listing data every 10 minutes to ensure you have all the latest listings. Nobody wants to wait hours for new and updated listings. We also help you market your website’s fresh data by giving you a shortcode widget that you can put prominently on your website to tell all your visitors how up-to-date your listing data is. 

Simple, intuitive search that makes sense.

Simple, yet surprisingly powerful, our search gives your site a modern edge that can help you stand out from your competition online. Our design innovations have produced a search that puts listings right in front of consumers and provides calls-to-actions that make sense and are unobtrusive.

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Showcase IDX has been designed from the very beginning work great on any phone or tablet. Another benefit to being responsive is that the search adapts to wherever you put it on your site. What do we mean? If you put it in the main area of your site that is 1000 pixels wide, it will automatically adapt to that width. Same if it’s 800 pixels. Don’t know what any of that means? It means, we have you covered and our search will look great on your site and on any mobile device.

Optimized for today’s search engines

At Showcase IDX, we take search engine optimization very seriously. We have spent years working on a system that works with the latest search engine indexing algorithms (like Google’s Penguin and Panda) to give your whole website more relevancy and authority. We do this by giving you flexible tools that you can use to manage your website’s key SEO factors. Our combination of personalized control and optimized architecture means that you will have a leg up on your online competition with Showcase IDX.

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Truly advanced search

Showcase IDX’s advanced search gives you access to search the depths of MLS data. This gives consumers the ability to get incredibly detailed in their searches. It also gives you the ability to create hotsheets that be customized to a very fine detail, that can be embedded on your site. Our designers have worked hard to make what is usually a confusing mess of options, into a interface that is not at all overwhelming to the user, even though there are hundreds of options.

Get insight and information with our LeadMagic agent tools

Our IDX management tools give you an accurate and transparent view of how your search plugin is working on your site. The dashboard gives you all the most important information you need in one spot, with charts and stats, your most recent prospects and messages. We have made it easier to find what you are looking for, while giving you more insight into your lead’s activities.

Create dynamic landing pages with hotsheets

We have designed our hotsheet system to be as simple as possible, while giving you the highest level of detail and control possible. Anything you can search for in our search can be made into a hotsheet, including all of the advanced search filters. If you want to customize the zoom level of the map, or create a polygon on the map – you can do that too.