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The evolution of property search

IDX search that works as good as it looks

At the core of any real estate site is property search. It needs to achieve two goals, a great experience for consumers and to generate leads for agents. We have built a search that works as well on mobile as it does on a desktop, and has a remarkable balance between simplicity and surprising power. We think it’s the most elegant search you can put on your website, to let you compete with large portals, and give your visitors an experience that has them coming back time and again, making you their agent of choice.

Simple, intuitive search that makes sense.

The most important thing about any search is giving people the power to find exactly what they are looking for, without having to make them work for it. Our designers and engineers have built our new search to do exactly that. Simple, yet surprisingly powerful, our search gives your site a modern edge that can help you stand out from your competition online.

Our design innovations have produced a search that is instantly usable for consumers, without having to think about it. We’ve also have one of the most simple, yet powerful advanced search features that lets you and your visitors be incredibly specific in what you’re looking for.

Beds and Baths? No Dropdowns. No Sliders.

Through looking at how people interact with property search on their home computer, on tablets and mobile, we’ve come up with an elegant and innovative solution to one of the most used features in property search, choosing how many beds and baths you are looking for. Our new button-style selectors allow consumers to select the number of beds or baths they are looking for in one click. One way it has been described to us is that it’s “quick and obvious”. Mission accomplished.

Truly advanced search.

Showcase IDX’s advanced search gives you access to search the depths of MLS data. This gives consumers the ability to get incredibly detailed in their searches. It also gives you the ability to create hotsheets that be customized to a very fine detail, that can be embedded on your site. Our designers have worked hard to make what is usually a confusing mess of options, into a interface that is not at all overwhelming to the user, even though there are hundreds of options.


Mobile is the future, and the future is now.

If your website and search does not adapt wonderfully to being seen on a mobile device, you really need to fix that… now. Showcase IDX has been designed from the very beginning work great on a smartphone. Our search is fully responsive, which means it also works great on tablets, too. Another benefit to being responsive is that the search adapts to wherever you put it on your site. What do we mean? If you put it in the main area of your site that is 1000 pixels wide, it will automatically adapt to that width. Same if it’s 800 pixels. Don’t know what any of that means? It means, we have you covered and our search will look great on your site.

Learn more about your leads.

Get insight and information with our LeadMagic agent tools.

Our IDX management tools give you an accurate and transparent view of how your search plugin is working on your site. The dashboard gives you all the most important information you need in one spot, with charts and stats, your most recent prospects and messages. We have made it easier to find what you are looking for, while giving you more insight into your lead’s activities.

We do things differently, like track your users from the first time they use the search, so by the time they register or send a message to you, we already have a trove of useful information and data about their habits and what they are looking for, including summaries. We also have a little magic up our sleeves that gives us get a social media profile of the person behind the lead.  Pretty cool and very useful.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

We want to be upfront and transparent about everything we do for you, and one big way we do this is give you detailed historical performance statistics on how our plugin is working on your site. We don’t use statistical tricks to make your plugin look like it’s doing better than it is. You get an accurate picture of how your plugin is doing as well as what your visitors are looking for. You want to be selling million dollar homes and all your visitors are looking at rentals? You may want to adjust your traffic strategy. We give you the information you need to make better decisions about your business and your website.

Create custom pages quickly with hotsheets.

We have designed our hotsheet system to be as simple as possible, while giving you the highest level of detail and control possible. Anything you can search for in our search can be made into a hotsheet, including all of the detailed advanced search filters. If you want to customize the zoom level of the map, or create a polygon on the map – you can do that too. Our system gives you the control you need to choose the display format, including choosing whether to show or hide the map and/or the search when you embed the hotsheet on a page. In WordPress, all you need to do is use a shortcode to embed the hotsheet wherever you want to place it on your website.


Whether someone is looking at your site on a large desktop screen, or a smartphone, they will have a great experience with your site and your brand.


WordPress users get benefits like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), direct links to listing pages and indexable pages. No WordPress? We can still help you!


Create custom landing pages or embed detailed search results in your pages. We’ve made it really easy to create and manage your hotsheets.


The Showcase IDX WordPress plugin automatically creates indexable pages and sitemaps on your site so search engines can easily find and index your website and listings.


  • A map search that makes sense
  • Indexable page for every listing
  • Grid/gallery or 2-types of traditional result views.
  • Configurable registration options
  • Live MLS data
  • Fully language translatable with Google Translate
  • Automated community pages
    • Buildings
    • Cities
    • Subdivisions
    • Zipcode
  • Combined MLS feeds
  • Surprisingly fast search response
  • Keyword Search
  • Satellite/road maps
  • Google Street View
  • Short sale/foreclosure search
  • Mobile ready
  • Virtual tours
  • Effective calls-to-action
  • Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & email social sharing
  • Option to exclude rentals from plugin
  • Option to exclude listings under a certain price

Management Dashboard

  • LeadMagic lead profiling
  • Tracking of leads before they register
  • Management tools
    • Active prospects
    • Activity charts
    • Clear activity reporting
    • Lead conversion % tracking
  • Monitor lead activity
    • Loved listings
    • Viewed listings
    • Hidden listings
    • Saved searches
  • Manage and view your message leads
  • Add user notes
  • Easy lead export
  • Quick filtering and sorting of leads

 Long Term Benefits

  • Installation on up to two domains included in monthly subscription
  • Fantastic lead conversion (ask us about it!)
  • 95% of plugin upgrades do not require agent action
  • Full MLS Compliance
  • Regular product updates
  • We listen to you
  • Attentive email, helpdesk and phone support
  • The last thing we want to do is screw you over
  • Our phone number is 800-478-0181

Easy Installation

  • Fast setup
  • WordPress Optimized
  • Bootstrap version for non-wordpress sites
  • No iFrames
  • Fully-responsive and mobile-ready design
  • Easy hotsheet creation
  • Customizable CSS
  • Yoast and other SEO plugin compatible
  • Supports teams and multiple agents
  • Automated Hotsheets
    • Your listings
    • Office listings
    • New listings
    • Your featured listings.


  • Custom SEO name-spaces
  • Built to avoid theme CSS clashes or future CSS change impacts
  • Detailed CSS customization guides
  • Configurable default search view
  • Custom new user emails sent from your email address
  • Create unlimited embeddable hotsheet searches
  • Customizable results styles
  • Standalone search form widgets