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Today, Showcase IDX has released some new updates and improvements to how it handles Google Analytics and in particular how Showcase IDX works with Google Tag Manager within WordPress. To ensure that all page views and conversions are counted and sent to Google, we now have a new setting within the SEO Settings for your Google Analytics Tracking Code ID (UA Code).


Easily Add Your UA Code

All you need to do to is pop your UA Code into this field, save the settings page, and we take care of the rest. You will see all Showcase IDX-related lead conversion events in your Google Analytics tool here: BEHAVIOR > EVENTS > OVERVIEW>TOP EVENTS>EVENT ACTION.

All Showcase IDX uses the following classes for event tracking in GA:

  • Event Category: Conversion
  • Event Action: Old tagging: Showcase IDX Message/Showcase IDX Registered. New Tagging: Showcase IDX New Lead: Registered or Showcase IDX New Lead:Message. We did this to make it a little more clearer what was going on here.
  • Event Label: New Showcase IDX Lead – This rolls up all Showcase IDX lead conversion events into this one tag. It combines all of the above event actions into one number.


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