57 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos

Where would your dream home be? Would it be a rustic farm hidden in the woods or maybe a luxury condo in Manhattan? Would the interior be more traditional, have shiplap walls, or the latest modern trend?

Terrible Real Estate Photos pin
Terrible Real Estate Photos Pinterest
Terrible Real Estate Photos
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Terrible Real Estate Photos
Horrible Real Estate Photos - Humor
Lighter Side of Real Estate

Yes, we love great real estate photos that really capture the perfect house. This post though is a tribute to the other kind that we’ve all seen. 

From horror movie-esque semi-abondened homes for rent to home decor that overshot “unique”, the owners and agents behind these funny ads thought things were perfect just they were for their photos and open houses. 

If you’d like to see some incredibly terrible property photos and others that will make you question “why?”, the list of funny fails below will provide you with an answer and a few laughs. Scroll down and let us know which is your favorite in the comments.

That way you can still work on the garden even if it’s raining

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

If the weather clears up later I might mow the pool.

You’ve really done a lot to make it feel happier in here

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

The doll will be staying with the house

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

You’ll never guess what I just passed on the stairs.

“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.”

tortoise and hare faucets

A rare opportunity to acquire a sacrificial dungeon simply bursting with original features.

The agent here isn’t just selling a flat, they’re selling a lifestyle. 

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

This Christmas, turn your house into an actual advent calendar.

Finished basement, great for entertaining!

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

Buyers come and go, home prices go up and down, decor changes and then comes back, but one constant remains throughout real estate. Those terrible pictures from listings and lack of attention to detail. 

Blog idea: reasons my fan is sad.

All it needs is a coat of paint, some air freshener, and perhaps a direct hit from a short range ballistic missile

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

Script idea: Marie Antoinette travels to the 1990s and moves in with a monkey pirate.

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Perfect for recreating the time you spent as a hostage in the 1970s.

Just as it had the great Mayan cities of Tikal and Calakmul, nature slowly reclaimed the Wilsons’ dining room.

A rare chance to own the actual pool from Apocalypse Now.

In the mid 1980s, improved economic conditions for the middle classes led to a dramatic rise in tastelessness.

There’s a great kids playroom, lots o natural light too

After the Great Plague of 1665, came the less famous Bubonic Bedroom Blight of 2019.

Would benefit from redecoration, as soon as Forensics have everything they need.

When you’re halfway through a wash cycle and you decide it would be easier just to sell your house.

At least the neighbors will be quiet…I hope…

Hit it with something, see if it moves. I’ll be downstairs barricading myself into the kitchen.

The Adam’s family finally found their new home

Recent discoveries suggest mankind didn’t always know how sofas worked.

There’s really no question, I am NOT following that trail

Kimble’s Paradox is the name given by real estate agents to the old philosophical problem of a door that opens as you close it.

Police are still investigating how Mr Stevens came to be replaced by a pile of rope.

2018 will be remembered as the year someone built a pretend wishing well in their kitchen.

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A rare chance to own the opening scene from 12 different horror movies.

Winning a year’s supply of beer didn’t bring the unending happiness the Samble’s had hoped for.

“sure we can see upstairs next- after you….I’ll be right up”

If there’s an opposite of a Stairway to Heaven, I think we’ve found it.

This house really speaks to me

I think it’s too late for just air freshener. That looks quite established.

“This is the room where it first occurred to me that my life was pointless and my career had been a waste of time”

May have overshot the desert theme a little

A key selling point of any modern home: The mirror-mounted Sharkzooka.

Where’s that piano music coming from?

“Yes it’s an emergency! And bring toilet paper!”

I don’t remember leaving the light own downstairs

“Think we could ask them to rearrange us so I’m closer to the window?”

Before you tell him to tidy his room, maybe draw up some sort of project plan.

Hence the phrase “as sad as a picnic table without a picnic. In a garage

The previous owners aren’t moving out, they just went into the backyard and never came back out.

It’s a tale of unrequited love between a Garden Chair of Solitude and a Park Ranger who promised to return, but never did. 

Isn’t this where the Walking Dead was filmed…or maybe inspired?

“Honey, I found the ladder! It was in the fitness studio that we also use as a utility room and study where we keep the musical instruments”

Wasn’t this a scene out of Ghostbusters 2

I have a sudden urge to play Tetris

That reminds me: I need to get out of here right now and never come back

“Well detective, that explains the lack of presents this year. And going by the smell, he’s been here some time”

If I only make the bed…

Warning: Potentially catastrophic combination of flammable gasses. 

Of the possible explanations, very few have a happy ending.

Susie likes it when new people move in, but she gets sad when they run away screaming.

A rare achievement – This image manages to convey the idea of “furnished” and “unfurnished” at the same time.

C is for Cat, and also for Certifiable.

The previous viewing was conducted at such speed it caused a localised sonic boom.

So it turns out the apocalypse already happened, but it was confined to this bathroom.

When I said to decorate your yard…perhaps I should have given more details

“Seriously guys, open up. We can talk about this”

I keep trying to get to the open house

The Randolphs were so proud of Emily’s 4th-grade scores, they had her stuffed.

We’d like you to have a seat…there are a few questions

If you stare for long enough…

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